21st May 2024 | By Emmanuella Coffie

Fallowfield In Shock: Beloved NHS Practice Set To Make Way For Lidl

Hawthorn medical centre

21st May 2024 | By Emmanuella Coffie

Students in Fallowfield expresses concern over a new report on cost of living

students express concerns of the impact of high cost of living

20th May 2024 | By Emmanuella Coffie

Fallowfield introduces innovative solution to combat soaring living expenses

The Place at Platt Lane in Fallowfield has introduced the Fallowfield Community Pantry to address the rising cost of living affecting local residents.  In response...

19th May 2024 | By Emmanuella Coffie

empowerment in action: Fallowfield residents forge their community’s destiny

A new report by the Institute of Student Employers (ISE) reveals that the cost-of-living crisis is driving graduates and apprentices to leave their jobs for better-paying opportunities.

6th May 2024 | By Emmanuella Coffie

‘May Day Magic: Platt Fields Gardens celebration in Fallowfield’

May Day celebration

8th January 2024 | By Anna Klekot

Redevelopment of Fallowfield campus deferred due to residents objection

A united decision defers the demolition of a popular student campus in South Manchester. Long-term residents and student are objecting the redevelopment of the campus...

Shell Garage, Wilmslow Road -Image: Kate Gaetto.

23rd May 2023 | By Kate Gaetto

Fallowfield residents raise concerns after petrol station alcohol licence is granted

Fallowfield Residents Group object license application to sell alcohol at the Shell Petrol station on Wilmslow Road. This is due to safety concerns about the station's proximity to temporary accomodation.

Kingswood Park Mural

18th May 2023 | By Kate Gaetto

Kingswood Park survey opens discussion for renovation plans and elections

Kingswood Park volunteers will meet to elect individuals to form a constituted group on the 8th June 2023. Manchester City Council ran an online survey...

Fallowfield and Withington foodbank warehouse shelves

15th May 2023 | By Kate Gaetto

Withington and Fallowfield foodbank says demand has risen to 119%

Fallowfield residents have become increasingly reliant on its local foodbank. As demand increases, supply shortages have become common due to the cost of living crisis.

sainsbury's barcode scanner

3rd April 2023 | By Kate Gaetto

Fallowfield shoppers criticise Sainsbury’s recent security barriers

Sainsbury's barrier measures in Fallowfield have been used to tackle theft. However, shoppers have criticised these measures due to inconvenience, unfair targeting and tailgating.

Owens Park entrance, Fallowfield - Image: Kate Gaetto

27th March 2023 | By Kate Gaetto

Rent strikers will not back down until demands are met

Students in Fallowfield will not stand down in response to the recent bailiff actions. The University of Manchester have outlined their next steps to approach the rent referendum results. Rent Strikers' demands have not yet been met.

Graffiti found outside of Fallowfield Campus Accommodation at UoM

16th January 2023 | By Jessica Smith

University of Manchester students take part in rent strikes due to impact of the cost of living crisis 

More than 100 students from the University of Manchester are staging a rent strike this week claiming student accommodation in Manchester is becoming unaffordable.   The...

Police cars line the streets of Wilmslow Road after murder

30th October 2022 | By Thomas Mansbridge

Man, 19, charged with murder of Man Met student Luke O’Connor

A 19-year-old man has been charged with the murder of Man Met student Luke O’Connor. Shiloh Pottinger has been remanded in custody and will appear...

29th October 2022 | By Elena John

Man arrested following fatal stabbing of Man Met student Luke O’Connor

A 19-year-old man was arrested in the Fallowfield area last night in relation to the stabbing of “gentle giant” Man Met student Luke O’Connor. The...


8th March 2022 | By Joseph O'Shea

‘Had this kit had been available he might still been here today’: Manchester’s first bleed safety cabinet installed in memory of schoolboy Rhamero West

Manchester’s first life-saving ‘bleed safety’ cabinet has been installed in memory of schoolboy Rhamero West who died in a knife attack. The cabinet will help...


16th November 2021 | By Joseph O'Shea

Two local football clubs put rivalry aside to raise money for men’s mental health

Two football clubs put their rivalry aside to raise money for men’s health. Dawn Court United and AFC Turn Moss teamed up to take part in...


7th October 2021 | By Megan Traviss

Young women come forward with warning after their drinks were spiked at popular Fallowfield student bar

A Fallowfield bar is giving out free anti-drug equipment after a number of female students took to social media to warn others of the dangers...

Fallowfield loop

2nd July 2021 | By Rory Gannon

‘It’s horrible knowing someone has been through your stuff’: tackling crime in Fallowfield

Fallowfield is home to a wide array of people and as a result, the ward is teeming with life. However, with more people brings the...


19th January 2021 | By Emily Mcintyre

Manchester students call for action over increase of sexual assaults and harassment in Fallowfield

“I often hold my keys like a knife in my hands and put my phone in my bra,” says  20-year-old psychology student Efa Ashman. Efa is...


28th October 2020 | By George Crafer

Communist graffiti appears in Fallowfield amid growing anger among students over fees

Communist graffiti has appeared around The University of Manchester Fallowfield student campus in South Manchester. It comes amid growing frustration among students having to pay full tuition fees...