Fallowfield In Shock: Beloved NHS Practice Set To Make Way For Lidl

  • Hawthorn Medical Centre in Fallowfield faces demolition
  • Residents express concerns about new demolition plans
  • Councilors of Fallowfield assures patients of a new plan of relocation

Hawthorn Medical Centre faces imminent demolition to make way for a Lidl supermarket, prompting urgent efforts to secure new premises before its lease expires in October 2025. 

The health centre, comprising an NHS GP practice and walk-in facility, received unexpected news of its impending fate, leaving both staff and patients in disbelief, and raising concerns about the continuity of care for the local community. 

Established over a decade ago by Hope Citadel, a not-for-profit group of NHS GP practices, Hawthorn Medical Centre has earned accolades for its outstanding service, serving residents in some of Greater Manchester’s most deprived areas. With a steady increase in patient footfall, the centre faces the challenge of finding a larger space to accommodate its expanding services.  

In a public meeting held to address the community’s concerns, Dr. Laura Neilson, director of Hope Citadel which runs the Hawthorn medical centre, acknowledged the tight time limit for relocation. Despite the challenges, she reassured patients that services will remain unchanged during the transition period. 

Residents express concerns

Residents and patients expressed frustration and dismay over the uncertainty surrounding the centre’s future, highlighting its significance as a crucial healthcare facility.  

“I don’t think this is a good idea. we struggle to find GPs in this area and this demolition will mean we have to go far away to attend a medical centre.” said Alexendra Claudio, a long-time patient. “It’s been a lifeline for so many of us in this community.” 

Monday Clements, a resident in Fallowfield also said: ” this place serves as a doctor’s and walks in it should not go, if anything it should be made bigger. My partner got hit in the head with a scuffle bar at work and this was the closers to get his head stitched. It is a busy place and people need it all the time.” 

What next for Fallowfield Residents

Negotiations with Greater Manchester NHS and Manchester City Council are underway to pinpoint potential sites near the current location. However, the search for a suitable permanent homer remains a priority amid lingering doubts about the feasibility of temporary relocation, citing cost implications and logistical challenges. 

To further address residents’ concerns, local councillors have urged calm and assured that plans are underway to resolve the issue.

councillor Jade Mary Doswell, councillor Ali Ilya and Ghazala Sadiq of Fallowfield at the community’s library. credit-Emmanuella Coffie

“This came as a shock to all of us, councillors and the NHS,” said Councillor Jade Mary Doswell of Fallowfield. “But I want to assure patients and residents that the NHS has been working really hard. They are not going to be left without surgeries; that’s not going to happen.” 

She added, “We are in regular contact with NHS estates and planning departments to work through an alternative plan and find a suitable location nearby. Our next meeting is on 30th June, which will be an opportunity for councillors to hear updates on the relocation proposals and feedback on any potential sites.” 

Councillor Ali ILyas concluded by urging residents to remain calm, assuring them that nothing will change in terms of their healthcare access.

As discussions continue and pressure mounts to find a viable alternative, Hawthorn Medical Centre remains committed to its mission of providing quality healthcare to residents in Fallowfield and beyond.