31st May 2024 | By Ukamaka Iyede

Ancoats Residents Contend With The Looming Cost-of-living crisis.

Despite Ancoats significant economic activity, businesses and individuals are struggling with financial difficulties due to the high cost of living. The necessary living expenses such...

31st May 2024 | By Ukamaka Iyede

Trees Not Cars Continues Campaign for Greener Spaces in Ancoats

The Trees Not Cars campaign is advocating for the redevelopment of the former Central Retail Park in Ancoats into a tree-filled park. The proposed green...

30th May 2024 | By Ukamaka Iyede

Anticipated Results: Ancoats ETRO Trial Nears Conclusion

A temporary new traffic order has been put in place in Ancoats aimed at encouraging more walking and cycling. The six-month Ancoats Experimental Traffic Regulation Order...

Ancoats Dispensary

30th May 2024 | By Ukamaka Iyede

“Living in this historic apartment is unbelievable”, says tenant at New Ancoats Iconic Landmark

One of Ancoats oldest buildings has been transformed into affordable apartments for average income earners with approvals from the province. The former Ancoats Dispensary building...

Withington Baths interior with pool and refurbished roof. Light reflects in pool water.

28th May 2024 | By Thomas Why

Withington Baths secures £105K Sport England grant

Withington Baths has received a £105K grant from Sport England, as LOVE Withington Baths announces plans to significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

26th May 2024 | By Amber Brooks

Trafford Council are selling cheap refurbished laptops to families in need

Find out how Trafford Council wants to tackle Digital Exclusion

Traffic at Clarendon Road

24th May 2024 | By Rebecca Mills

Concerns rise as congestion worsens in Whalley Range

Residents are unhappy as two congested roads are ‘chaos’, and there is no plan to improve this issue.

Former Nello James Centre in Whalley Range

24th May 2024 | By Rebecca Mills

Whalley Range residents seek clarity on future of Nello James Centre after plans submitted for new homes

A new development at a former Nello James Centre has caused controversy among Whalley range residents.

24th May 2024 | By Amber Brooks

Manchester Marathon needs a tidy up as 226 energy drinks bottles found on a mile-long stretch of road

Litter pickers in Trafford have launched a formal complaint into the state of the roads following the Manchester Marathon last month.    Pete Minors, who runs...

Mike, Director of MUD standing at Forever Fields site in Whalley Range

22nd May 2024 | By Rebecca Mills

Forever Fields: the future of food in Manchester is here

Manchester Urban Digger's new community project, Forever Fields, aims to change Manchester's broken food system.

21st May 2024 | By George Mew

New Improvements Proposed for Annie Lees Park

Social Activist and Businessman Muhammad Usman has put together a team to renovate Annie Lees Park and utilise its large space.

21st May 2024 | By George Mew

Burnage Artist And Mental Health Professional Explores How Business And Fulfilment Relate

Growing up in the West with parents from Pakistan, Saqab offers a unique perspective, shaped by the blend of Eastern and Western influences

21st May 2024 | By George Mew

Burnage Road Closures Cause Concern For Residents Freedom

An increase of attention has come after the scheme was removed in Withington after an ambulance was blocked from getting to an unwell child.

21st May 2024 | By George Mew

New Pedestrian Crossings Installed Across Burnage

Pedestrian crossings at Grangethorpe Drive, Burnage Lane and Crossley Road are in their first week of operation.

21st May 2024 | By Raphael Boyd

Levenshulme hoping to host first markets since 2023

Levenshulme will continue to host their first markets since the popular community-run Levenshulme markets were stopped. A new makers market has made its debut in...

21st May 2024 | By Raphael Boyd

The Levenshulme queer run club gaining popularity

A new club geared towards members of the LGBTQ+ community has launched in Manchester, with organisers hoping the club will attract queer people from around...

21st May 2024 | By Zoe Spencer

‘We all looked out for each other”: Residents recall memories of Longsight

Longsight is a diverse residential area in Manchester, known for its multicultural environment and its many cultures and traditions. Over time, Longsight has adapted and...

21st May 2024 | By Osaro Ojo

Northenden Community Library Found a new Home in St. Wilfrid’s Church Hall

Northenden, a suburb of Manchester, is turning a new page with the relocation of its beloved community library to St. Wilfrid’s Church Hall. The move...

21st May 2024 | By Osaro Ojo

Northenden urges council to immediately ppen the Bailey Bridge over the River Mersey

Northenden residents have called on Manchester City Council to open the Bailey Bridge arguing that the closure has severely impacted accessibility to essential services and...

21st May 2024 | By Oyindamola Daramola

Manchester Comedy Event might change venue: ‘Silent Disco-Style Gigs’ No Longer at Didsbury Sports Ground

Potential Relocation of ‘Dead Meet’ Festival A podcast and comedy event highlighting ‘the best of north-west’ scheduled to take place in Manchester this summer, might...