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18th November 2022 | By Beth Ibbotson

Just Stop Oil protestors urge Manchester residents to take up the fight against fossil fuel and join in direct action

Manchester residents are being urged to join the non-violent protests of Just Stop Oil as the protest group steps up its activism around the country....

17th November 2022 | By Jessica Smith

Entrepreneurs create social media app to encourage in-person socialising and tackle loneliness in Manchester

A new social media app aims to encourage users to meet new people, build friendships and find like-minded people around Manchester – in person rather...

16th November 2022 | By Dorthe Berger

Fear of serious injury stops rugby game at Platt Lane with Man Met women ahead 28-17

Three tries by Amy Williams put Man Met Women 28-17 up against Liverpool before the match was stopped in the 63rd minute due to a...

16th November 2022 | By Jack Merry

View from Grosvenor East: 12 reasons why our Sports Journalism students won’t be boycotting the Qatar World Cup

The Qatar World Cup is set to kick off on 20 November. The competition has been enveloped by corruption allegations and concerns about human rights...

16th November 2022 | By Chloe Graber

Religious protesters urge government to pay poorer countries for pollution damage

Religious volunteers staged a protest in Manchester to urge the government to pay damages caused to “poor countries” for pollution caused by climate change. Quakers,...

15th November 2022 | By Chloe Graber

A green future for road sweepings being recycled as soil for plants

A team of scientists at Manchester Metropolitan University is examining whether road sweepings could be used as soil to plant trees. Each year thousands tones...

Shops closed down

14th November 2022 | By Thomas Markham

Manchester’s ‘counterfeit mile’ set to be bulldozed after latest GMP crackdown

Manchester’s ‘counterfeit mile’ is set to be revamped as Greater Manchester Police continue a crackdown on illegal activity. Manchester is famous for its ‘curry mile’,...

Peter Kay

12th November 2022 | By Thomas Markham

Thousands of fans left angered after missing out Peter Kay Live Tickets

Fans from across Britain flocked to social media to express their anger after missing out on Peter Kay Live tickets. Bolton’s famous comic Peter Kay...

10th November 2022 | By Ola Adeyemi

Student is suspected of carrying out attack on Man Met library staff by pelting them with eggs

A student is suspected to have carried out an attack on Man Met library staff by pelting them with eggs in the main entrance. It...

6th November 2022 | By Elena John

Vulnerable people may be forced to use Manchester Central Library as a ‘warm bank’ this winter

Manchester Central Library may become a “warm bank” for those who cannot afford to heat their homes during the cost of living crisis. Andy Burnham...