Traffic at Clarendon Road

Concerns rise as congestion worsens in Whalley Range

  • Locals have had enough, as the congestion of Clarendon Road and College Road is not improving.
  • Residents on these roads are concerned about environmental and health problems.
  • People express frustration as ‘more needs to be done’ to fix this issue.

Residents are unhappy as two congested roads are ‘chaos’, and there is no plan to improve this issue.

Clarendon Road and College Road in Whalley Range cause frustration, as the street is ‘unusable’ at times.

Laura Packwood, a resident near Clarendon Road, has labelled it as ‘chaos’.

The road is described as ‘dangerous’ as parked cars often obstruct drivers’ views.

Furthermore, cars are known to speed down both roads, causing major concern.

One resident who wished to remain anonymous said: “Speeding is a serious issue on Clarendon Road and College Road, and we have petitioned for ramps on other roads in the area, yet it was declined.”

‘Selfish drivers’

Laura has firsthand experience with the dangers of Clarendon Road, as her beloved cat and dog were both run over by a car.

Laura said: “The congestion is caused by people who park on double yellow lines by the shops. There is no room for cars to pass through.”

“People come from both directions and just drive at each other, and no one feels like it’s their responsibility to give way.”

These videos were taken at a ‘non-busy’ time. Video Credit: Rebecca Mills

Locals highlighted that they have had bad experiences with road rage, and if they can avoid driving down these roads, they will.

Laura said: “There is usually a standoff with a backlog of cars both ways.”

Other residents complained that horns can be heard as cars refuse to move.

Clarendon Road and College Road is an ongoing issue

This problem is ongoing, as the congestion was noted in a 2012 planning application.

The planning application emphasised that Clarendon Road is subject to ‘excessive’ traffic, congestion and parking.

Within this location are two primary schools, the British Muslim Heritage Centre, and multiple shops.

Residents who live on Clarendon Road stress that ‘inconsiderate drivers’ and the width of the road are the main issue. Video Credit: Rebecca Mills

Congestion is allegedly caused by several factors, including school pick-up and drop-off and parking problems.

Moreover, the British Muslim Heritage Centre doubles as a wedding venue, which locals often find challenging due to traffic congestion.

They describe it as a ‘nightmare,’ especially when guests are arriving and leaving all at once.

‘Whether you live there or not, it affects us all…’

A resident who wishes to remain anonymous said: “Both roads are narrow, and there is heavy traffic, noise, and pollution around this area. Nothing has been done about it.”

Lets Talk Clear Air Whalley Range banner
A ‘Let’s Talk Clear Air’ banner is on a local primary school fence to motivate people to choose other means of active travel than driving. Photo Credit: Rebecca Mills

Furthermore, residents expressed environmental concerns as air quality levels are high around this area.

During ‘safe school’ times, the two local primary schools close the road for an hour and a half to promote active travel to school, such as walking or cycling.

The community supports the initiative but deems it a cause for traffic in the area.

One resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “Safe school times do cause congestion on college roads, but I’d rather children were safe walking to school.”

“I think the safe school zone is a good idea, but it is not managed well.”

Residents voiced the need for further action, feeling their concerns were ‘ignored’.

The Northern Quota contacted the local councillors for comment, yet there was no response.