Local Communities

Traffic at Clarendon Road

24th May 2024 | By Rebecca Mills

Concerns rise as congestion worsens in Whalley Range

Residents are unhappy as two congested roads are ‘chaos’, and there is no plan to improve this issue.

Former Nello James Centre in Whalley Range

24th May 2024 | By Rebecca Mills

Whalley Range residents seek clarity on future of Nello James Centre after plans submitted for new homes

A new development at a former Nello James Centre has caused controversy among Whalley range residents.

Celebrate festival in Whalley Range

17th May 2024 | By Rebecca Mills

Whalley Range Festival removes cost barriers, offering affordable fun for all

The annual Whalley Range Celebrate Festival has overcome barriers posed by the cost-of-living crisis, offering an affordable day out for the local community.


2nd November 2021 | By Joseph O'Shea

‘We really love these fields and disagree with what the council is doing’: community unites to save Hough End playing fields

Hough End playing fields is enjoyed by much of Chorlton, Withington and other communities in south Manchester. From bird watchers to aspiring footballers many gather to...