Trees Not Cars Continues Campaign for Greener Spaces in Ancoats

The Trees Not Cars campaign is advocating for the redevelopment of the former Central Retail Park in Ancoats into a tree-filled park. The proposed green space is envisioned to offer residents a place for leisure, exercise, and mental health improvement.

Campaign supporters argue that such a park would also help combat climate change, reduce pollution, and provide a safe play area for local children.

Trees Not Cars requires Manchester City Council to create a park on the council-owned property that used to be the Central Retail Park in Ancoats.

However, the Government Property Agency (GPA) has signed contracts to acquire five acres of the former Central Retail Park in Ancoats from Manchester City Council (MCC).

Office Complex To House 7000 Civil Servants

This acquisition propels the GPA’s plans to establish the Manchester Digital Campus, a new government office complex designed to unite various Civil Service departments with a focus on digital skills. Once completed, the digital hub will house around 7,000 civil servants.

Parliamentary Secretary for the Cabinet Office, Alex Burghart, emphasized the significance of the project, saying, “This latest expansion in Manchester not only underscores our commitment to investing in digital excellence but also reflects our dedication to supporting the city’s vibrant community and economy. We are thrilled to create modern, productive work environments in the heart of the city, inspiring civil servants from across the North West to deliver top-notch service to the taxpayer.”

Cllr Bev Craig, Leader of Manchester City Council, highlighted the development’s impact, stating, “The new digital campus, destined to generate 7,000 digital jobs, represents a substantial investment that aligns with the ongoing regeneration of our city centre over the past two decades. Our collaboration with the GPA has unlocked the potential of this former retail site, and the project will be complemented by a new public green space provided by the council, enhancing access to Cotton Field Park.”

Five acres of the land have been sold for government structures, but the campaign is not letting go as they are still reaching out to many people to sign new petitions in favor of their cause, with about 1,500 signatures so far.

Residents Deserve Quality Green Spaces

Manchester’s citizens, who are looking for a break from the bustle of the city, strongly identify with the demand for more green spaces because the city is confronting serious issues with pollution, access to nature, and mental health.

. “Do we really need more high-rises and concrete here? Manchester residents deserve quality green space for their well-being,” stated Trees Not Cars.

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