Northenden Community Library Found a new Home in St. Wilfrid’s Church Hall

  • The Northenden Community Library has moved to a new location at St. Wilfrid’s Church Hall
  • Manchester City Council made the library’s transition possible.
  • The library remains a vital cultural and educational resource for the community

Northenden, a suburb of Manchester, is turning a new page with the relocation of its beloved community library to St. Wilfrid’s Church Hall. The move comes after the library’s previous home at the Parkway Green building on Palatine Road, operated by Wythenshawe Community Housing Group (WCHG), was repurposed for other uses.

The Northenden Community Library is a cornerstone of local culture and education. All thanks to the support of Manchester City Council and volunteers. The new location at St. Wilfrid’s Church Hall on Ford Lane promises to be a modern and welcoming space for readers of all ages.

the Former Site

Chris Leigh, a librarian said: “I think the building where the library was based before was going to be used for another thing and everybody had to leave. It wasn’t just the library. Several organisations were based there, and we only had the ground floor.”

Gail Mallett, the Service Development Specialist- south, explained further that the library was around St Wilfrids corner before about 11 years before it moved to Wythenshawe housing group.

Northenden Library Former Site at Wythenshawe Photo credit: Osaro Ojo

Janice Mahony, one of the volunteers explained: “The social housing group owned the building and as part of their commitment to the community they have housed the library for ten years.”

Despite the changes in sites, the volunteers are committed to continue to operate the library in Northenden and were able to secure St. Wilfrid Church Hall for it. The library new site is now opposite St. Wilfrid Church, though smaller in space is accessible to the people and closer to the centre of the community.

Chris added: “the number is pretty much the same, the number of users. Some people are saying it’s like good luck because it’s near to schools. I think, the location is quite good, really. It’s closer to the central Northenden.”

Apart from the opening day ceremony which usher in the library to the new site, publicity is using mouth by the volunteers.

St. Wilfrid Church

St. Wilfrid’s Church Photo Credit: Osaro Ojo

St. Wilfrid Church sees many worshippers to Sunday service. Its yard honours war veterans and merchants. Architect J. S. Crowther rebuilt St. Wilfrid Church in the late 19th century. Its Hall has long served as a focal point for community gatherings and events. The library’s arrival demonstrates a creative commitment. It utilizes the hall’s historical significance to create a space that meets the community’s evolving needs

Councillor John Hacking said: “I’m really pleased that we’ve been able to find alternative premises in Northenden to ensure that a library service is retained in the village. Our heartfelt thanks go to St Wilfrid’s Church for giving us space in their church hall, our new home.”

The library’s relocation is more than just a change of address. The library’s move reaffirms Northenden’s dedication to reading and education. It provides accessible educational resources to its residents. With the same opening hours, the library hosts popular events like story time sessions for tots and toddlers, and a monthly book club.