Fallowfield introduces innovative solution to combat soaring living expenses

  • Fallowfield introduces a community Pantry to combat food poverty
  • Residents express gratitude and opinions about the initiative
  • Organisers encourages residents to register for this initiative

The Place at Platt Lane in Fallowfield has introduced the Fallowfield Community Pantry to address the rising cost of living affecting local residents. 

In response to the financial strain caused by increasing prices of essential goods and services, the Fallowfield Community Pantry aims to provide affordable access to food and necessities.  

Operating on a membership basis, the pantry offers free registration, with members paying a nominal fee of £3 to select various food items and essentials. The pantry is set to operate on Fridays and from 10 am to 12 pm and 11 am to 1 pm on Saturdays. 

Organizers hope the pantry will provide much-needed relief to those struggling to make ends meet.

 Stuart Lynd, a trustee of the Fallowfield Community Pantry said: “This initiative is about supporting families with the cost-of-living crises and food poverty. So, we are having food Banks in to help people manage their budgets. This foodbank makes it possible for residents to come in with 3 pounds and go away with two or three shopping bags.” 

Stuart Lynd at the Community pantry at The Place, Fallowfield. credit- Emmanuella Coffie

Community responses in Fallowfield

The pantry’s launch has been positively received by the community. Local resident Arrol expressed his gratitude, saying, “This initiative will help people. It is a shame to see people begging for money to buy food, so this is really good in helping the community.” 

Another resident Elaina said: “In my opinion, I think this is a good initiative. I am not that needy so I would not use this because I would not want to take it from another person’s mouth, but it is an incredibly good thing to help people that are struggling.” 

Mark Mulligan, a resident in Fallowfield also added that he knows people who benefit from this initiative. He said: “I have a friend who pays 3 Pounds and gets all the food he needs. This is a good thing helping the community.” 

Mark Mulligan, a resident of Fallowfield at The Place at Platt Lane in Fallowfield. credit- Emmanuella Coffie

Stuart encouraged residents to register and support the initiative. He said: “This is here to support the community, and we are here to help each other through tough times. We hope the community embraces this opportunity to manage their budgets better by spending less on shopping.” 

The Fallowfield Community Pantry stands as a testament to the community’s resilience and solidarity in facing economic challenges. As the cost of living continues to rise, such initiatives are crucial in ensuring that everyone has access to basic needs. 

Residents interested in joining the pantry can visit The Place at Platt Lane for registration details or find more information on the Fallowfield Community Pantry website. Volunteers are also welcome to help with the pantry’s operations.