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‘It’s horrible knowing someone has been through your stuff’: tackling crime in Fallowfield

  • 'It felt horrible knowing someone went through my stuff'
  • Fallowfield has high levels of crime such as burglary and theft
  • Reporter Rory Gannon speaks with a victim of crime and a police inspector 


Fallowfield is home to a wide array of people and as a result, the ward is teeming with life.

However, with more people brings the possibility of more crime – a trend that is commonly seen in the area.

While Fallowfield is a student hub, it also is a hotspot for petty crime – with burglaries and sexual assault an increasingly concerning regularity.

In 2019, it was reported that Fallowfield had an average of sixteen break-ins per thousand people, following in the footsteps of Withington, Didsbury West and East and Old Moat.

However, with exact data not specified as a result of a faulty logging system by Greater Manchester Police, it is unknown how many perpetrators are caught and reprimanded by the authorities.

“It came at a huge cost to us”

Eli Simon, a Fallowfield Loop resident who was burgled on several occasions. (Image Credit: Eli Simon)

Eli Simon, director of Chabad on Campus – a support centre for Jewish students across Manchester and Salford universities, had valuables such as jewellery and passports stolen from his Fallowfield home.

Mr Simon spoke of the distress the burglary caused.

He said: “It felt horrible knowing that someone’s been through our stuff. They left a big mess – they emptied all our cupboards looking for cash. They just left the house in a such an awful state.”

Mr. Simon, who has lived in Fallowfield for eight years, said his house had been burgled before.

He also said that his car and garage have fallen victim to burglars, with other sentimental items going missing.

Burglars kicked in Eli’s window in order to break into the property. (Image Credit: Eli Simon)

Mr Simon reported the repeated break-ins to Greater Manchester Police for investigation.

However, officers only inspected the scene on the first occasion – and subsequent reports were not followed up.

What is being done by the police?

Inspector Shoheb Chowdhury, from Greater Manchester Police, said: “Following reports of a number of burglaries in Fallowfield, officers have set up Operation Dunstan.

“This operation involves officers carrying out proactive uniformed and plain clothed patrols in the area, as well as targeting known offenders by means of disruption, such as warrants and stop searches.

“We recognise the distress and upset caused from having your home broken into, which is why our officers are committed to thoroughly investigating burglaries and bringing the offenders to justice. We ensure all residential burglaries are resourced; including the attendance of crime scene examiners to identify investigative opportunities.

“This is then followed up by reassurance visits from neighbourhood officers and targeted advice around home security.

“A significant number of burglaries occur as a result of homes being left unsecure, so I would like to take this opportunity to ask local residents to help us protect their property, by following simple steps that make their homes less inviting to thieves.  

“Please ensure your windows and doors are locked – don’t leave them unattended or out of view, set light timers and keep valuables well hidden. Information from the local community can prove crucial in disrupting offenders, so do also please continue to pass on any information you may have, including details of places that may handle stolen goods.”