‘May Day Magic: Platt Fields Gardens celebration in Fallowfield’

  • May Day celebration hosted at Fallowfield
  • Mancher Urban Gardeners invite local farmers for events
  • organizers to regularly host events to foster community bond in Fallowfield

Hundreds gathered in celebration of the May Day event this year at Platt Fields Market Garden in Manchester on Sunday. 

The event organized by the University of Manchester Folk and Ceilidh Society, The Manchester Urban Diggers, and the Queer Roots Collective, attracted a diverse crowd of folk enthusiasts, nature lovers, food vendors and those simply seeking to embrace the spirit of the season.

About the event

The festivities kicked off early at 5.20 am with a sunrise celebration on the Hill at Platt Fields Park. With traditional festivities including folk music, Morris dancing, crafting, local vendors, and a Maypole dance, from sunrise to sunset. 

Among the early risers was Sharon Davies a donator at the event, she said: “It is so lovely here and really relaxing with different people coming and nature. I just love seeing plants grow but it is also growing the local community, and this adds a lovely kind of feeling. I believe that there will be more of such things happening to help the community. “

Angela and Sharon at Platt fields Market Garden. Credit- Emmanuella Coffie

Throughout the day, the Market Garden continued with more activities as attendees participated in a range of activities, from Morris dancing to crafting flower crowns. Local vendors offered a variety of goods, from organic produce to handmade crafts, adding to the festive atmosphere. 

For many, the highlight of the day was the Maypole dance, a centuries-old tradition symbolizing fertility and renewal. As the colourful ribbons intertwined around the pole, laughter and music filled the air, creating a sense of unity and joy.

The organization behind the event

Michael Hodson, director of The Manchester Urban Diggers, added: “We set up our farmers Market with local producers and local traders to come and be able to trade in the local community and because it is the beginning of spring, and this is our main farmers market we have made it May Day event hence the music and maypole. The goal is to get the community together and celebrate.”

As the sun began to set on Platt Fields Market Garden, the revelry showed no signs of slowing down. As bonfires were lit and drum circles formed, attendees danced and sang late into the night, united by a shared love of tradition and a sense of belonging. 

Angela Vosa, an attendee from Fallowfield added: “It is a very diverse event with people coming together to enjoy nature. It is quite amazing to just see people coming together and seeing things with everyone being friendly. I think councils should be encouraging this type of site because it definitely brings people together.” 

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