Two local football clubs put rivalry aside to raise money for men’s mental health

  • Dawn Court United and AFC Turn Moss teamed up to raise money for men's health
  • They set a target of £1,000 as they started freshly shaven and grew moustaches for Movember
  • Dawn Court United midfielder speaks about the importance of raising awareness in men's mental health after his own battles

Two football clubs put their rivalry aside to raise money for men’s health.

Dawn Court United and AFC Turn Moss teamed up to take part in Movember and set their fundraising goal at £1,000 as they grow moustaches for charity.

They are fundraising with Movember for men’s mental health, testicular and prostate cancer, and other men’s health issues.

The sides are divisional rivals and have already met twice this season in two fiercely close and intense contests.

The unlikely union has come about from friendships off the field with both sides sharing the same pub for a post-match pint and having been friends during their time at university.

Nevertheless, friendships were put aside when both teams took to the field in hope of gaining bragging rights over the other..

The fundraising kicked at the start of November when the sides met in the first round of the Joe Kennedy Cup, where Dawn Court United ran out victors in a 4-3 win. 

Football Team
Dawn Court United vs AFC Turn Moss

Turn Moss forward and founding member, Sam Cardew, 21, of Ancoats, said: “We’re rivals but there’s a lot of respect there. 

“Lots of us have played together before and obviously came together with the game. Let’s shave these beautiful faces and get those moustaches grown.”

Sam Cardew Interview
Sam Cardew Talks Movember Fundraising

Dawn Court midfielder, Mark Barrett, 23, Rusholme, added: “We both drink in the same pub, so as it goes there are friendships across the teams. Obviously on the pitch, as many would have seen today, the rivalry is there but when it comes down to it, there are a lot of friendships.

“So, we just decided to get together because at the end of the day, men’s mental health is more important than football rivalry. It’s a massive issue. So, we’ve come together to get behind that.” 

Mark spoke about his own mental health struggles and praised the focus on male dominated environments where mental health can be a taboo subject. 

“Doing it through football, a very masculine sphere, I think this is great. The most awareness we can raise the better for everybody going forward,” he said

“I think it’s absolutely brilliant to be honest because it’s something fun and it gets people talking about mental health. It really does but in a way that you can have a laugh if someone grows a terrible tash or someone can’t grow one, or if someone’s is amazing.”

Court United captain and club secretary, Sam Chatterton, 22, of Fallowfield, said: “It’s a great way. I can’t grow a lot of facial hair, but I know some of the lads have, or did have great moustaches up until maybe today.

“It’s an easy way to get the message out really.”

People can support the sides and their project via their Movember page where they have currently raised £825 but are still aiming to reach their target of £1,000 and beyond.