27th October 2021 | By Hannah Wintle

‘No light at the end of the tunnel’: Salford landlord embarrassed about volume of litter in back alleyway

An alleyway in Salford that was transformed into a community space is now blighted with litter. Landlord Bertha Huayllani describes the alleyway as “embarrassing” despite her initiative...


19th October 2021 | By Ruby Fandino

Celebrating Black lives and empowering mental health through textile art

A collection of vibrant portraits celebrating influential Black figures decorate the walls of Manchester HOME as part of a project by artist Michelle Ayavoro and service...


7th July 2021 | By Georgina Randall

The woman tackling Hulme’s poverty crisis: ‘I give out food packages after being failed by local authorities’

35-year-old Ameera Ramzan runs Heaven’s Angels, the Hulme-based outreach programme providing around 200 bags of food a week to local people in need. She has gone...

Helena Walker MMU sports medicine student

8th June 2021 | By George Crafer

Parents, students and fans gather for an afternoon at the lockdown rugby league

Saturday was the last day of the lockdown rugby league. Manchester Metropolitan played Manchester Rugby Club in the final game of the season.  The lockdown league,...


26th April 2021 | By Anish Vij

‘Setting up my own business helped get me out of a cycle of victimhood’

Deciding to leave her day job and set up her own business was a therapeutic move for 46-year-old Janine Mitchell in more ways than one. Not only did...


27th March 2021 | By Kit Bell

Online learning tips and tricks for students: what have we learnt one year on from the start of the pandemic?

Online learning is no longer new to us – the majority of students were forced online by the sudden closure of schools and universities in...


23rd March 2021 | By Ruby Fandino

Wake up and smell the roses: how the pandemic is emphasising the importance of nature

Grateful for its calming green and melodic chirping, credit is owed to our old friends flora and fauna for carrying us through the endless lockdowns. Now more than ever,...


19th March 2021 | By Alice Stevens

‘Prescribed’ poetry panaceas helping to combat lockdown loneliness

As National Social Prescribing day was celebrated virtually for the first time due to lockdown restrictions, a Manchester-based wellbeing service is continuing to ‘prescribe’ poetry...

city centre bench

10th March 2021 | By Fiona Hammond

Snapshot of a city: Manchester’s city centre is beginning to return to some version of normal

Despite being in a national lockdown, the sights from Manchester City Centre would beg to differ. After spending a short while on a Thursday afternoon...


10th February 2021 | By Joseph Hair

Photographer’s images of the city and nature aim to capture ‘space beyond the city’

When I meet Simon Buckley I’m sat in my living room. In fact I have a sneaking suspicion he is sat in his too, although...


3rd February 2021 | By Tyrese King

Man Met lecturer Monique Roffey wins Costa Book Award with The Mermaid of Black Conch

A senior lecturer at the at Manchester Metropolitan has won the £30,000 prize 2020 Costa Book Award. Monique Roffey, part of the Writing School at Man...


29th January 2021 | By Matthew Kay

Red tape and higher prices: the effect of Brexit on Manchester beer imports

A Manchester-based beer wholesaler has told the Northern Quota that Brexit has pushed up beer prices and increased his working hours significantly. Sandbar German Beers...

West End Medical Centre

26th January 2021 | By Ellie McDermott

GP practice manager speaks of ‘positive’ steps as docs begin to roll out Covid-19 vaccination to patients across Manchester

Staff at a Manchester GP’s surgery which is rolling out the Covid-19 vaccine have spoken about the ‘postive’ effects mass vaccination brings. West End Medical...


21st January 2021 | By Freddie Bruhin-Price

A short history of the blues which won’t make you feel blue

We are surrounded by blue. Blue is the colour of our seas and skies. When we fly in planes, when we go swimming in the...


19th January 2021 | By Emily Mcintyre

Manchester students call for action over increase of sexual assaults and harassment in Fallowfield

“I often hold my keys like a knife in my hands and put my phone in my bra,” says  20-year-old psychology student Efa Ashman. Efa is...


7th January 2021 | By Freddie Bruhin-Price

Ancient Egyptians associated it with the sun and Klimt gave it a Kiss: a short history of gold

Gold is as alluring today as it was thousands of years ago. Nothing shines quite like it. But how has its role and appeal changed...


20th November 2020 | By Emily Mcintyre

Manchester poetry library aims to be focal point for lovers of verse throughout the region

’We’re open to everyone, and that’s the really important thing I want to get across.’’ That’s the message from Becky Swain, director of the new...


13th November 2020 | By Georgina Randall

Tension mounts between UoM student protestors and police as tuition fee demo is cancelled following threats of arrests

A demonstration at Owen’s Park by University of Manchester students over the refund of tuition fees was abandoned after police threatened to arrest protestors. Student...

Wonder Box Emporium - Facebook Page (Logo)

12th November 2020 | By Ellie McDermott

Aspiring young entrepreneur creates ‘pick ‘n’ mix’ business ideal for Christmas gifts

A 19-year-old part-time waitress put on furlough from her waitressing job has started up her own business venture. Shannon Dean has started her own buisness from home while under the...

Mason and Emma

12th November 2020 | By Ellie McDermott

Young fundraiser and mum raise more than £1k for Tameside hospital’s neonatal unit

A seven-year-old boy and his mum raised more than £1,000 for their local hospital by taking part in a sponsored walk during lockdown. Mason Hussain and...