University of Manchester to give students a one-off payment to help with the cost of living crisis

The University of Manchester (UoM) has announced it will give full-time students a one-off payment of £170 to help deal with the cost of living crisis.

The University has also ended library fines, introduced free eBooks and free period products to help students deal with the rising costs.

The £9m scheme will see full-time students receive £170 and part-time students £85 before the Christmas break in December.

UoM’s vice-resident for students, Professor April McMahon said that the cost of living crisis is a “major concern for our students, especially at this time of year”.

“I’m so delighted that, working closely with the Students’ Union, we’ve been able to offer this payment,” she said. 

She added that there is a wider support in place including wellbeing and further financial support through the Cost of Living Support fund and encourages any student to reach out.

Angel Kerr, a UoM student, said: “I think it’s great because it has been a long time coming.

“It’ll help a bit but not really to be honest, the money will help me, but it won’t help the other people who need a lot more.”

‘I think it’s great because it has been a long time coming’

student Angela kerr

While other students are wondering if their university will follow, Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) have made the decision to end the Met Card, which offers financial support for students across all courses.

Indiya Poole, a photography student at MMU, thinks it is unfair that UoM are receiving a one-off payment as “now at MMU a lot of the creative students aren’t getting access to their Met card money which they have had before which has put a lot of students in a bad situation.

“I have to pay completely out of my pocket for all my printing which I have to do a lot of as a photography student, which is money I don’t really have”

A spokesperson for University of Salford said: “We provide a number of existing financial support mechanisms to help students with their financial wellbeing, including accommodation support and our Salford Support Fund for students experiencing financial hardship.”

Adding that they have additional support measures being introduced over the next month.

Conor Heapy, a student at University of Salford said: “I think the money being given to them is a very good idea as it will slightly help people with travel and or rent”

But he added that is not sure where the money is being taken from but “it will definitely help students afford things.”