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'Founders and Funders: Slavery and the building of a University.’ Drop Inn - Credit Makenna Ali

1st November 2023 | By Makenna Ali

University of Manchester raises awareness of their past involvement in slavery

As a part of Black History Month the University of Manchester held a drop-in session for their exhibit ‘Founders and Funders: Slavery and the building...

Owens Park entrance, Fallowfield - Image: Kate Gaetto

27th March 2023 | By Kate Gaetto

Rent strikers will not back down until demands are met

Students in Fallowfield will not stand down in response to the recent bailiff actions. The University of Manchester have outlined their next steps to approach the rent referendum results. Rent Strikers' demands have not yet been met.

Student waving placards and banners march down Wilmslow Road

6th March 2023 | By Ciara Reynolds

University of Manchester: Rent striking students march

Students at the University of Manchester marched down Oxford road in a bid to get the university to heed their housing demands. The UoM Rent...

Visitors at Manchester Museum reopening

21st February 2023 | By Elena John

Manchester Museum reopening after 18 months leads to massive queues during half-term holidays

The Manchester Museum reopened on Saturday with long lines following an 18-month closure to complete improvements.

Graffiti found outside of Fallowfield Campus Accommodation at UoM

16th January 2023 | By Jessica Smith

University of Manchester students take part in rent strikes due to impact of the cost of living crisis 

More than 100 students from the University of Manchester are staging a rent strike this week claiming student accommodation in Manchester is becoming unaffordable.   The...

3rd January 2023 | By Kate Gaetto

‘Rethinking the Grand Tour’ exhibition explores our colonial past in art and culture

A new exhibition in Manchester Art Gallery has been opened to the public, which explores the hidden voices behind the colonialism of art and culture...

19th December 2022 | By Zara Gallimore

University of Manchester to give students a one-off payment to help with the cost of living crisis

The University of Manchester (UoM) has announced it will give full-time students a one-off payment of £170 to help deal with the cost of living...


24th July 2022 | By Marina Argirova

Protesters make a stand against vivisection outside the University of Manchester

Animal rights activists staged a demonstration outside the University of Manchester on Saturday during a national day of protest Members of Vivisection Exposed from around the UK marched...


7th March 2022 | By Joseph O'Shea

BUCS northern conference finals to be hosted at Man Met with three uni teams competing

Man Met will team up for with the University of Manchester to host the 2022 BUCS Northern Conference finals day on Wednesday (9 March).  This will be the first...


2nd December 2021 | By [email protected]

Man Met held to a draw against Uni of Manchester

Man Met’s winning run in the league came to an end as they were held to a 1-1 draw against a strong Uni of Manchester...

Oxford Road burst pipe closure

24th September 2021 | By Emma Mohammad

Flash flood caused by burst pipe outside University of Manchester forces closure of Oxford Road and Student Union

  United Utilities says it is working round the clock to repair damage caused by a flash flood near the University of Manchester and reopen Oxford Road. A burst...

students march through Whitworth park

17th June 2021 | By Paolo Granelli

Students march through Oxford Road to the University of Manchester for Palestine

University, college and high school students gathered yesterday to protest against the Israeli occupation of Palestine.  Starting at 4pm on the corner of Old Birley street outside...


5th November 2020 | By George Crafer

Enraged University of Manchester students tear down fencing in Fallowfield protest

Students living in the Fallowfield halls of residence have torn down fencing put up by the University of Manchester. The fencing appeared yesterday morning without any prior warning and was set...


18th December 2019 | By [email protected]

New publication by University of Manchester addresses gender inequality

The University of Manchester has released a new publication with input from academics in the hope of tackling gender inequality in the city. The publication called On Gender aims...


25th November 2019 | By Shiala Mahmood

Students occupy building in protest at University of Manchester’s fossil fuel investment

A group of student activists have occupied the finance offices at the University of Manchester to protest against the £11.3m they say is invested into fossil...


21st February 2019 | By nq_admin

Reclaim the Night: we report live


16th January 2019 | By Lewis Finney

Opinion: What has the EU ever done for us?

Apart from investment in: farming, research, arts and culture, young people, growth and jobs and health care, what have the EU ever done for us?! The...


27th December 2018 | By R.McCourt

New global survey sets out to highlight and tackle corruption within business

When asked "Does your company have a formal policy on anti bribery and corruption?" a total of 19% of respondents had answered “no” with a further 10% answering that they "didn’t know". 


23rd December 2018 | By [email protected]

‘1000 Voices’ Manchester campaigners speak out against misogyny

#MisogynyISHate (MIS) campaign is pressing forward with its aim to make Greater Manchester Police treat misogyny as a hate crime.


16th November 2018 | By [email protected]

Islamic charity arrives in Manchester to help in battle against Islamophobia

A series of workshops aimed at combating hate crime is being held at the University of Manchester during Islamophobia awareness month. Members of the university...