15th January 2024 | By Matthew Barber

Concerns over palliative care funding in Greater Manchester town

A Greater Manchester hospice needs to raise £12,000 a day in donations to continue providing palliative care.

19th December 2022 | By Zara Gallimore

University of Manchester to give students a one-off payment to help with the cost of living crisis

The University of Manchester (UoM) has announced it will give full-time students a one-off payment of £170 to help deal with the cost of living...


3rd March 2022 | By Marina Argirova

Changing young lives in inner city Manchester: how St George’s community centre is helping young people

“The value of youth work is about making a young person understand themselves better,” explains youth worker Chris Macintosh. Chris works out of St George’s,...


13th November 2020 | By Paolo Granelli

Councillor Road shop owners left in the dark about Cheadle towns fund

Cheadle residents and business owners say they have been kept in the dark about a £500,000 fund to improve their neighbourhood. The town fund aims...


23rd October 2019 | By Pruthvi Khilosia

Final year students examine how Brexit will affect the arts and culture in Manchester

Business and high-rise corporations will not be the only thing affected by Brexit – the arts are also facing a time of major uncertainty. The...


16th December 2016 | By jackwright

New campaign launched to save future of the arts in North West

Grants to the arts in North West dropped by a staggering 43% between 2014 and 2016. Working in partnership with the Arts Council, the government...