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11th December 2023 | By Rebecca Mills

Transgender hate crime has increased in Manchester.

The Home Office released statics that showed transgender hate crimes in England have risen by 11% by March 2023. Since January 2023, authorities have reported...


23rd May 2023 | By Beth Ibbotson

UK’s first LGBT-Affirmative Extra Care Scheme

Manchester City Council announced plans for the UK's first purpose-built Extra Care scheme for the elder LGBT community


17th December 2019 | By [email protected]

Carol service at Manchester cathedral raises money for new LGBT centre

A carol service was held by a charity to raise money for a new LGBT centre aiming to promote acceptance and inclusion. The Proud Trust...


21st May 2019 | By j.sloan

Bolton author Matt Cain chats about his book being turned into Hollywood film despite initially being rejected by publishers

AFTER 12 years and more than 30 rejections from publishers, author Matt Cain had almost given up on getting his novel The Madonna of Bolton...


25th April 2019 | By R.McCourt

Journalists and LGBT activists mourn as Lyra McKee is laid to rest

Juornalist Lyra McKee Derry is waking up with heavy hearts today knowing that a talented individual who was slain in the very streets where she...


10th December 2018 | By nq_admin

#AskForAndrew Campaign set up to help gay men in Manchester

There is a cultural acceptance amongst gay men notably that this sort of behavior is acceptable.  It’s not. The aim of #AskForAndrew is to give the...


14th November 2018 | By nq_admin

Campaign launched for action against drunken sexual harassment

According to DrinkAware, 54% of women and 14% of men have subect to some form of sexual harassment on a night out in the past year alone. ...


17th October 2018 | By Elizabeth Harrison

LGBT+ community reacts angrily to the transphobic posters across gay village on twitter

The LGBT+ community has turned to Twitter to express its anger at posters in the gay village targeting the transgender community. The posters, which have been...

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10th April 2017 | By nq_admin

Greater Manchester first area of country to officially record domestic abuse in the LGBT community

Greater Manchester became the first area of the UK to record domestic abuse in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community (LGBT) as police take...


6th March 2017 | By nq_admin

Charity stresses the importance of children understanding LGBT rights

A recent LGBT+ exhibition encourages children to attend to enable them to understand the struggles that the community has faced for generations. The exhibition ‘Never...


1st March 2017 | By helen heath

Manchester City Council Plans to Create UK’s First LGBT Community for Older People

Manchester City Council has announced plans to create a community that will protect Manchester's LGBT residents from discrimination, and provide an area in which they...


19th January 2017 | By nq_admin

Stonewall rates MMU as ‘one of UK’s most inclusive employers’

Manchester Metropolitan University has been ranked 41st in the UK as part of Stonewall’s Top 100 employers rankings, a climb of 125 places from 2016....


11th January 2017 | By nq_admin

Sports journalist, David Mooney, on LGBT in football and media: “Now there is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean”

David Mooney In my early-twenties, I would be abrasive towards people who didn’t have the same attitudes as me. I would deliberately try to make...


16th December 2016 | By nq_admin

MMU student launches campaign tackling gender stereotypes

This campaign is purely highlighting the issue’s and stigmas surrounding gender that are caused due to dated and uninformed stereotypes still being used.
   When you...


2nd December 2016 | By nq_admin

Village Manchester Football Club: Manchester’s gay-friendly football team

Manchester Village Football Club: Manchester's gay-friendly football team from Northern Quota on Vimeo. As VMFC is celebrating its 20th Anniversary, The NQ went down to...