Carol service at Manchester cathedral raises money for new LGBT centre

  • Proud Trust set up a carol service at cathedral
  • Aim to raise money for new LGBT centre
  • Hundreds of people showed support 

A carol service was held by a charity to raise money for a new LGBT centre aiming to promote acceptance and inclusion.
The Proud Trust held the event at Manchester Cathedral to raise funds to reach their £2.4m target.
The current LGBT centre is the first publicly-built gay centre in Europe and will be demolished in January to make space for the new two-and-a-half storey building.

Amelia Lee, strategic director for the Proud Trust said: “It’s open to everyone with a special welcome to lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people as well as our allies and our friends

“People who might have not have always felt included in their religion have a chance to come here and feel welcomed and celebrated.”

The new centre will have a roof top garden and community café, as well as a library and some support groups.

The cathedral curate, the Rev Steven Hilton, said: “We host a range of events and close to our hearts in particular are events which promote unity, inclusion and equality

“We hope this can be the beginning of a great working relationship with The Proud Trust. What they do for young people is life changing and in some circumstances life saving.”

The space is being built as a safe space to not be judged and to be cared for. The centre that is being replaced is on storey and was built in 1988.