MMU student launches campaign tackling gender stereotypes

  • The NQ officially launched its So Long 2 Stereotypes campaign today
  • The campaign, led by NQ reporter, Ioan Williams, highlights the issues and stigmas surrounding gender that are caused due to dated and uniformed stereotypes still being used

This campaign is purely highlighting the issue’s and stigmas surrounding gender that are caused due to dated and uninformed stereotypes still being used.

When you are born you are instantly put into a category and that category is your gender; you are either male or you are female. The reason you are assigned this gender at birth is purely linked with the genitalia you are born with. Then as you grow up you slowly become associated and installed with information that links back to the stereotypes surrounding your gender. You are taught that pink is a popular girl’s color and blue is more commonly associated with boys, you are also taught that girls wear dresses and put on makeup and boys often wear less imaginative clothing like trousers and t-shirts.

However, what about the women who don’t like playing with make-up or enjoy wearing dresses? What about the men who don’t enjoy playing the more stereotypical masculine sports or are not attracted to females? What about the people who don’t identify with the gender they were assigned at birth? What about the people who don’t identify as male or female at all, and are completely content with simply being themselves not attached or defined to a label or a stereotype?

 This campaign was created to highlight the damaging effects that gender stereotypes can have on individuals and because of these historical and dated myths individuals can be subjected to depression, bullying at school, online abuse, and are even sometimes subjected to physical attacks and hate crimes simply for living as their true authentic gender. The aim of the campaign was to speak to individuals that challenge these stereotypes and make more people aware of the damaging effects and life threatening situations people