Charity stresses the importance of children understanding LGBT rights

  • A recent LGBT exhibition is encouraging children to attend to enable them to understand the struggles that the community has faced for generations

A recent LGBT+ exhibition encourages children to attend to enable them to understand the struggles that the community has faced for generations.

The exhibition ‘Never Going Underground’ which is currently being showcased at the People’s History Museum and was unveiled by Sir Ian McKellen, commemorates the 50th anniversary of the first gay marches and the passing of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act.

In light of the exhibition the charity Proud 2 b Parents who are project partners to the exhibition, have helped design and create a Family Friendly programme in partnership with the PHM, where children of all ages can learn about the history of the LGBT+ community.

Matt Taylor-Roberts from Proud 2 b Parents explained to the NQ the importance of the exhibition for young people: “This exhibit will hopefully inspire all generations to support the changes that need to happen for the LGBT+ community.

“The information and activities Proud 2 b Parents has developed with PHM hope to engage children and young people within the themes of the exhibit and promote their right to make changes and speak out against differences.”

The Family Friendly programme which launches on March 12, features a series of music and craft workshops and gives children the chance to take part in a treasure hunt to discover secrets of the gallery.

“We talk about the meanings of personal identity, equality and pride to help children and young people understand the power they have in the future of this country and the changes they can make,” said Taylor-Roberts.

Also making an appearance on the day is author and illustrator Olly Pike from Pop'n'Olly, which is described as an educational resource that aims to combat ideas of prejudice or homophobia before they even have a chance to develop. Pike will be reading his reworked fairy tales throughout the day such as ‘A Transgender Cinderella Story’.

As well as the Family Friendly programme, Proud 2 b Parents have gone on to organise days within the summer holidays for children to be further educated on LGBT+: “As well as the exhibit Proud 2 b Parents in partnership with PHM have developed family friendly activities which will take place every Wednesday throughout the school holidays, starting at Easter right through until the end of the summer holidays 2017.

“These activities will help to bring to life the Never Going Underground project and support children’s understanding of the exhibit and develop their awareness of the struggles the LGBT+ community has faced within Manchester,” said Taylor-Roberts.

There is no better home for the LGBT+ focused exhibition, as Manchester is at the forefront in support for the rights of the LGBT+ community with Manchester Pride being held each year, which continues to grow in popularity. Taylor-Roberts sees Manchester’s role as crucial: “Manchester over the years has played a specific role in the fight for LGBT+ rights and has encouraged relevant changes to the laws that impact the community.

“We hope that Manchester continues to put the rights and needs of the LGBT+ community on the map.”