27th April 2018 | By nq_admin

Greater Manchester gallery to host art of Alexandra Reinhardt award winner

The Turnpike gallery based in Leigh Greater Manchester are to exhibit the work of the Alexandra Reinhardt Memorial Award winner. Lindsey Mendick, the winner of...


27th April 2018 | By Sian Hamer

MMU students create art directory for Manchester

Five students from Manchester Metropolitan University have launched a Manchester art directory with the hopes of making art accessible to a wider audience. Joe Preston,...


15th December 2017 | By nq_admin

New North and South: The project connecting Manchester with South Asia.

Waqas Khan’s neon work, KhushAmdeed, means “Welcome” in Urdu. An exciting artistic project connecting the North of England with South Asia aims to provide a...


8th May 2017 | By nq_admin

Small Steps Festival coming to Manchester’s Northern Quarter

A new arts and music festival is debuting in Mancehster later this week. Predominantly an arts activism festival, Small Steps will be showcasing the work...


20th March 2017 | By nq_admin

Andy Warhol exhibition at Whitworth showcases Pop Art movement

Andy Warhol has hit the north, well at least his work has. The Whitworth Art Gallery put on a bit of an opening night to...

Vogue 100 - A Century of Style

17th March 2017 | By jackwright

Exhibition Review: Vogue 100 – A Century of Style

A collaborative curation by Vogue’s contributing editor Robin Muir and The National Portrait Gallery, the show was recently transferred from a popular run in London...

Suki Chan

16th March 2017 | By nq_admin

Exhibition Review: Suki Chan at the CFCCA

The Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) is possibly one of the most interesting art galleries I have ever been to. The art gallery itself...

LS Lowry at Manchester Art Gallery.

16th March 2017 | By nq_admin

Exhibition Review: LS Lowry at Manchester Art Gallery

One of the most recognisable names in British art and a symbol of the North that portrays working class life in Manchester and Greater Manchester,...

Natalie Wardle, Modern Art and Retro music.

16th March 2017 | By nq_admin

Culture Review: Natalie Wardle, modern art and retro music

Modern art is a term loosely thrown around banded between different styles, tastes and forms. However, the nature of modern artist itself is constantly changing...

John Hyatt's Rock Art

16th March 2017 | By nq_admin

Exhibition Review: John Hyatt: Rock Art at HOME review

When you think of curating an art exhibition, you associate a well-dressed, Andy Warhol style spectacles wearing artsy type, meticulously arranging and rearranging works for...

Dave Draws

15th March 2017 | By nq_admin

Artist Feature: Dave Draws

Dave Gee, or as we know him Dave Draws, is a 26 year old from Chesterfield who has a superb talent. He is a doodle...


15th March 2017 | By nq_admin

Culture Review: Graffiti in The Northern Quarter

Manchester has many renowned art galleries scattered across the city. From the Whitworth Art Gallery that holds paintings created by the likes of Pablo Picasso,...

Oasis Exhibit at Central Library

15th March 2017 | By nq_admin

Art Review: Oasis DNA

Manchester Central is currently housing the Oasis DNA exhibition, which is a total contrast to the Chasing the Sun exhibition at the Old Granada Studies...

Fashion on the Ration exhibition poster

15th March 2017 | By nq_admin

Art Review: Fashion on the Ration at The Imperial War Museum North

‘Recycle an old blanket into a warm winter dress’; it may not sound glamorous and in-trend but although fashion was rationed in the 40’s, creativity...

'England' at the Strange and Familiar exhibition

13th March 2017 | By nq_admin

Art Review: Strange and Familiar at The Manchester Art Gallery

Britons are very proud of their country, though they may not often show it. From the long history of British traditions to still have a...

Andy Warhol art

13th March 2017 | By nq_admin

Art Review: Andy Warhol Exhibit at Whitworth Art Gallery

When you think of pop art, the name that instantly springs to mind is Andy Warhol. Whitworth’s exhibition in Artist Rooms successfully depicts Warhol’s great...

Art Battle

27th February 2017 | By nq_admin

Art Battle Manchester: making art accessible to the masses

Art Battle Manchester is about to hold its 10th edition, underneath Mancunian Way, at the Projekts skateboarding park, taking place on Saturday 6th May. Combining...

Boris Nzebo

9th February 2017 | By nq_admin

REVIEW: Boris Nzebo at Manchester Art Gallery

Nzebo's unique exhibition illustrates modern urban life in his home country of Cameroon, morphing daily life and common occurrences into enchanting pieces of artwork. One particular...