Oasis Exhibit at Central Library

Art Review: Oasis DNA

  • NQ's Jenna Saville reviews Manchester's exhibition on Oasis: DNA
  •  The exhibition, held in Manchester's Central Library, was put together by band photographer Jill Furmanovsky, who followed the cult band's rise in the 90s

Manchester Central is currently housing the Oasis DNA exhibition, which is a total contrast to the Chasing the Sun exhibition at the Old Granada Studies earlier in 2016. This exhibit was put together by Jill Furmanovsky, who captured the band's best and worst moments from their 90's glory to their naughties divide.

Oasis Exhibit at Central Library
Central Library, Manchester

The collection spotlights Jills personal favourite photographs from her library including some never before seen pictures of the Gallagher brothers alongside some of the photos which become iconic of the band, their journey and the brit-pop era.

Jill Furmanovsky said: “Central Library has a fantastic exhibition space and it’s great to be able to use part of the library as a gallery. Really, these images are just the tip of the iceberg, so I’m fortunate to have so much room to work with for this exhibition."

Oasis Exhibit at Central Library
Row-upon-row of the photographic experience

Central Library is a classic building in Manchester so to hold the exhibition there fits in with Oasis. The lads became one with Manchester as it was where they burst to stardom, so to display the images in such a beautiful building somewhat shows the connection the brothers had with the city.

Oasis DNA shows the journey in which the band embarked upon as they went from a pair of scruffy looking lads from Burnage to coming of age pop-culture icons. DNA is what we are all up made of, and could be why everybody feels such a link to the band, as growing up in Manchester myself I do feel a strong connection with them. Jill comments that the exhibition is dedicated to Peggy Gallagher, Noel and Liam's mum, as she was "such a source of strength for the band" which is why she named it Oasis DNA.

Oasis Exhibit at Central Library
A selection of photographs from the exhibit

The pure power excreted from every single photo within the display is amazing, it shows what charismatic characters the band, especially the brothers, were. Everybody knows of Oasis and how they are arguably the most famous band to come out of Manchester, maybe even the UK, and this allows interaction between the photos and the viewers as there is already a connection there between the subjects.

Changing dynamics through colour
Changing dynamics through colour

The mix of monochrome and colour photographs adds a sense of texture into the display. Choosing to photograph in black and white can add a depth which colour cannot achieve and when placed next to a coloured image you get the juxtaposition from them both adding a new dynamic to the art.

Throughout the exhibition there are photos of Noel and Liam separate but placed next to each other, this portrays their eventual rivalry and separation in a visual format. Oasis DNA hits on social expectations that when you’re famous you should be happy, the issue of drug use and the eventual fractioning these factors can have on relationships.

Brother Noel and Liam Gallagher
Brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher

Oasis DNA has been at Manchester Central Library since November 2016 and will be closing it's four-month-open doors to the public on March 25th.

I'd greatly suggest you go and see this champion exhibition whilst you can before it Slide(s) Away as it won't Live Forever and you'd have to Stop Crying Your Heart Out as you Don't Look Back in Anger. You Know What I Mean? Whatever.