Withington Baths interior with pool and refurbished roof. Light reflects in pool water.

28th May 2024 | By Thomas Why

Withington Baths secures £105K Sport England grant

Withington Baths has received a £105K grant from Sport England, as LOVE Withington Baths announces plans to significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

Stalls in Rutherford Place for Withington Village Action Day.

15th May 2024 | By Thomas Why

Annual Village Action Day unites Withington Community

The yearly Withington village action day returned on Saturday with community stalls, litter picking and flower planting.

11th May 2024 | By Thomas Why

Council’s potential new scheme following controversial Withington low traffic trial

The council have confirmed that the low traffic neighbourhood scheme in Withington will not progress, replacing it with a proposed solution.

Sketch of how Copson Street in Withington could like with trees and added seating.

10th May 2024 | By Thomas Why

Withington community in favour of public square regeneration project

A council report has revealed that the Withington community are in favour of revitalising the public square, as investment has been approved.

26th October 2023 | By Anna Klekot

‘Safer streets’ planters in Withington: residents split over whether they help or are a hindrance

Residents in Withington have raised their concerns over the recent instillation of planters on nine junctions in the area.

22nd May 2023 | By Miles Cooke

Community shows love for Withington on Village Action Day

This weekend, Withington residents banded together for Withington Village Action Day. A joint venture between Withington Civic Society and Manchester City Council on Saturday May...

19th May 2023 | By Miles Cooke

Withington Baths frontage restored to former Edwardian glory

After over a year of waiting, vital restoration work is all but complete at a Withington swimming baths once condemned for closure. The frontage of...

Fallowfield and Withington foodbank warehouse shelves

15th May 2023 | By Kate Gaetto

Withington and Fallowfield foodbank says demand has risen to 119%

Fallowfield residents have become increasingly reliant on its local foodbank. As demand increases, supply shortages have become common due to the cost of living crisis.

15th May 2023 | By Miles Cooke

Manchester Olympian Alan Geldard honoured with new Withington wall mural

A new mural in Withington has been created in honour of Alan Geldard, the late cyclist who won Olympic bronze at the 1948 Games in...

15th May 2023 | By Miles Cooke

Withington High Street to benefit from £3million shared investment

Withington High Street is set for a revamp as Manchester City Council have confirmed plans for a share of £3m worth of investment in the...

10th May 2023 | By Miles Cooke

Withington pub landlord runs Manchester Marathon for bleed kit charity

The landlord of a Withington pub has ran the Manchester Marathon in support of a local charity, Mero’s World, that campaigns to place lifesaving bleed...


15th March 2022 | By Daisy Bradbury

‘It’s definitely not a clean place to live’: Withington residents aim to improve ‘dreadful state’ of local streets

Locals have turned to regular litter picking sessions after feeling 'badly let down' by the council's lack of help for the unclean streets


23rd February 2022 | By Daisy Bradbury

Withington residents worry as Manchester libraries ‘abolish fines’ on late books

Starting on 1 April, Manchester's libraries will no longer issue fines for overdue books in an attempt to make reading more accessible


9th February 2022 | By Daisy Bradbury

Councillors move to improve private renting conditions in Withington after heated debate

Plans will tackle poor-quality rental practices and rogue landlords within Withington and surrounding areas


18th November 2021 | By Joseph O'Shea

‘We’re really grateful to the council for the loan’: £1m loan to help preserve Withington baths

A £1m loan has  been agreed to help preserve the 110-year-old Withington Baths which has been run by the community since 2015. The loan is...

Withinton Local Election Race

5th May 2021 | By George Crafer

What does the local election race in Withington mean for its residents?

Withington is going to be one of the most hotly contested wards in the upcoming election. The ward stretches from Fallowfield Sainsburys to Fog Lane...


25th February 2020 | By Kamila Sebestova

Street art is helping to transform Withington, according to community activist Lizzy Jane

Art is important for Withington – and locals understand that. More than £5,000 was raised by Withington residents who liked the idea of bringing art to...


25th February 2020 | By Kamila Sebestova

Withington baths is having a big impact on the neighbourhood and on residents’ lives

Withington Baths and Leisure Centre is an institute which has served the public for more 100 years.  First opened in 1911, it was the only...


21st February 2020 | By Kamila Sebestova

Withington residents feel safe despite a rise in crime of 27% in one year

Statistics from Greater Manchester Police show that burglaries in Withington rose by 27% last year.  The south Manchester suburb is popular with students and has been undergoing development...


18th December 2019 | By [email protected]

Funds raised for Withington Walls street art project to go ahead

A community art project has successfully raised funds to create murals and street art on shop shutters in Withington rejuvenate the neighbourhood. Residents raised £5,000...