Stalls in Rutherford Place for Withington Village Action Day.

Annual Village Action Day unites Withington Community

  • Organised by Withington Civic Society
  • Multiple volunteers took part in clean-up and gardening
  • Community stalls include Old Moat Primary School

The yearly Withington village action day returned on Saturday with community stalls, litter picking and flower planting.

The day was held in Rutherford Place on May 11th and was organised by Withington Civic Society, alongside local Old Moat Councillor Gavin White.

The event saw the community come together to celebrate the town of Withington and bring awareness to several different initiatives and groups located in the area.

Woman plants flowers in large planter on street with gardening tools for Action day.
Withington Civic Society member, Ros, planting flowers on the high street. Credit: Thomas Why

Action Day

Multiple members of the community were out and about picking up litter from the streets in a mass clean up. This included residents of Withington town as well as student volunteers.

“It is so important to encourage a sense of civic and community pride in our local high streets.”

Withington Civic Society member and Local Old Moat Councillor, Gavin White

As the organisers of the day, members of the Withington Civic Society were weeding and planting new flowers and plants around Rutherford Place. The plants added much greenery to the area, complimenting the streets and sunny weather.

Multiple books on Withington history being sold at stall.

Dawn, who has been part of the society for over 14 years, was gardening the planters along the high street. She spoke fondly of how the society has helped her make many friends and connect with her community over the past decade.

It was clear what a positive impact Withington Civic Society has had on many in the area.

The society also had their own stall, selling multiple books on the history of Withington, with all funds going to initiatives ran by themselves. They also provided leaflets and information about the town and everything they have organised for the rest of the year.

Multiple flowers being sold by local school for £1 and 70p each. Sign reads "Old Moat Primary School 'Green Heroes'"
Old Moat Primary School’s ‘Green Heroes’ selling a range of flowers at their stall. Credit: Thomas Why

Withington Civic Society member, Nikki, said: “It’s an opportunity to celebrate, for me, all of the diversity that we’ve got here in Withington.

“There is so much going on. No one could ever claim to be bored round here. It’s nice to be able to come out and celebrate, and find out what’s new,” she added.

Another member of the society, Helen, said: “People do tend to walk around with their eyes shut. A lot of people don’t realise what’s going on and today gives them a chance to find out.”


Sign reads "Plant a sunflower" with a pot of soil and seeds.
Old Moat Primary School’s ‘Green Heroes’ offer visitors to plant their own sunflower to keep. Credit: Thomas Why

Old Moat Primary school were also involved with the day, selling fuschias, marigolds, petunias, and tomato plants. Their stall was called the ‘green heroes.’

The school children were greeting passersby with smiling faces. While selling their selection of plants, they were also offering people to plant their own sunflowers for free which you could keep.

SureStart's information boards about their stay and play sessions and healthy start payments.
SureStart’s stall explained their services and what they offer parents in the Withington Community. Credit: Thomas Why

There were a selection of other community stalls and initiatives at the event too, including: SureStart, Manchester Student Homes, Withington Civic Society, Biffa, Withington Assist, and The Parish Church.

“It’s nice to be able to come out and celebrate, and find out what’s new.”

Withington Civic Society member, Nikki

SureStart were there to provide information about how they can help families with childcare and support, as well as multiple events they run in the area. They run ‘Stay and Play’ sessions along with healthy start payments.

Biffa's bins to demonstrate recycling. Green, Blue, Brown and Black bins. Green is for food waste. Blue is for paper and card. Brown for mixed recycling and black for general waste.
Biffa’s bins demonstrate how to recycle properly. Credit: Thomas Why

Meanwhile, Withington Assist were looking for more volunteers to help with teaching technology knowledge to senior members of the community. They were particularly looking for young people who are tech-savvy and could also assist in trips away for the group.

Biffa were also present on the day teaching people about recycling and composting bins too.

The action day saw the community take huge pride in the appearance of their local area. It was clear that every person in Withington has a responsibility to keep the streets clean and tidy to achieve this.

Local Councillor Gavin White litter picking in from of Withington Civic Society stall.
Organiser and local Councillor, Gavin White, litter picking around Withington town centre. Credit: Thomas Why

Withington Civic Society member and Local Old Moat Councillor, Gavin White, said: “We love Withington, and Withington Village Action Day, organised by Withington Civic Society, is a great opportunity for local residents to show their love for their community and high street.

“We’re doing a huge litter pick, cleaning bollards and bins, tidying up planters and promoting recycling to everyone in Old Moat and Withington. This annual event is also supported by many other local community groups and schools in Withington, as well as student volunteers from the University of Manchester.

Three flower pots on the side of planter, on high street, to be planted. People pass behind.
Large Planters on Wilmslow Road high street, where plants and flowers are being placed. Credit: Thomas Why

“It is so important to encourage a sense of civic and community pride in our local high streets. We look forward to continuing to show our love for Withington through these important events,” he added.

With the sun out in force, the day radiated positivity and a real sense of community for the Village Action Day in Withington.