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27th June 2020 | By Sarai Van-Cook

Levenshulme cyclists take to street to protest against council’s refusal to install pop-up cycling lanes

A human chain of cyclists formed in Levenshulme to criticise Manchester City Council’s “disappointing” response to a bid for government funding for pop-up cycle lanes across...


12th April 2020 | By Zainab Tariq

Manchester businesses are delivering meals to feed people during coronavirus lockdown

Many Manchester organisations, including The Bread and Butter Thing, Fare share, Trussell Trust and Open Kitchen, are working together to gather donations and distributing support packages to...


21st February 2020 | By Leonie Backhaus

Council wants to make Northern Quarter greener and safer for pedestrians and cyclists

The public consultation to pedestrianise parts of the Northern Quarter saw a raft of ideas submitted from cyclists and green campaigners. One of the consultation...

Bridgewater Canal Bank

20th January 2020 | By Hannah Barry

Proposed felling of protected trees puts Castlefield wildlife at risk

The proposed felling of 18 trees on the banks of Bridgewater Canal could have a devastating impact on the wildlife of Castlefield, say campaigners. Residents...


18th December 2019 | By Leonie Backhaus

Hulme Community Grocer wins a Be Proud award for bringing the community together

Hulme Community Grocer, which provides cheap, high-quality food for local residents, has won an award for its innovative work bringing the community together. The accolade...


13th December 2019 | By Adam Williams

City council threatens to ban student drummer busker from city centre over noise levels

A busking drummer known as ‘Manchester drummer’ to his fans has been told by the council to either stop drumming in the city centre, or face...


6th December 2019 | By Daniel Mardle

Cause of fire at the Cube in Bolton may herald warning for other buildings

The cause of the fire at The Cube student residents in Bolton is yet to be determined but it has been confirmed that it was cladded...

Climate Change activist

30th October 2019 | By Isaac Jordan

City council leader faces criticism for labelling protestors ‘climate extremists’

Councillor Richard Leese, leader of the city council, is facing criticism for his use of the phrase “climate extremists” when describing climate protestors in Manchester. Councillor Leese...


7th October 2019 | By Isaac Jordan

Activists criticise city council for ‘inaction’ over climate change emergency

Manchester City Council has come under fire for  ‘inaction’ on the climate emergency following the publication of a Freedom of Information response by climate activists....


10th July 2019 | By Alexander Candlin

Manchester Council declares Climate Emergency

Manchester City Councillors have put forward the notion to declare a climate emergency and achieve a carbon neutral city by 2038.  Member of Youth Parliament, Ishaa...