eCargo Bikes

Electric cargo bikes come to Manchester with the hope to shift towards greener travel

  • eCargo bikes and trailers launched this month to offer a green alternative to cars
  • Bikes can travel up to speeds of 15mph and carry a weight of 250kg
  • City council set to use the bikes as part of its day-to-day operations

eCargo bikes are predicetd to be the newest mode of green travel around Manchester.

The bikes are electrically powered via a reachargable battery and an electric powered motor. The motor is to help with pedalling and help when moving heavy loads. 

The eCargo bikes can travel up to speeds of 15mph and carry a weight of 250kg in the hope they can reduce reliance on motor vehicles for moving ‘cargo’.


They will cost £12 per day to hire but other pricing brackets do exist for longer durations of hire.

The bikes and trailers will be launched this month and will be used by the council for their day-to-day operations but are also available for hire to businesses, community groups and residents.

All users must show the appropriate level of cycling-proficiency before being allowed to use the bikes. In addition, Manchester Bikes offers training to all users and free advice on choosing the correct eCargo bike for your needs.

The scheme began when the council successfully bid a £173,000 grant from the Energy Savings Trust. Now the council’s parks, cemeteries and neighbourhood services teams are all signed up to take part.

Council leader Bev Craig said: “In Manchester we really want to show that there are alternatives to using cars and other polluting means of transport.

“We know that a complete societal shift is required in terms of how we view transport, and as a Council we want to play our part in bringing about that change. 

“By demonstrating that affordable and effective alternatives are available to the public we are breaking down barriers that may otherwise prevent someone making a positive change.”

Cllr Tracey Rawlins said: “For so many of us the car is the only option we think of when the need arises to transport something from A to B.

“The rollout of this eCargo scheme is the Council showing that there are alternatives, and we want to be at the forefront of championing them. 

“As with any change that touches on the climate emergency, whether that’s going vegan, switching energy supplier or making the shift to cycling it can initially be daunting. Schemes like this can and will make a real difference in showing ordinary Mancunians that alternatives work and that collectively we can all make a difference.”

The eCargo bikes can be found on Chapel Street close to the city centre, though plans are being explored on how best to roll out the service to communities and local hubs.