Knife Crime

Red emergency bleed control box with white writing and a pin code

17th May 2023 | By Elena John

Hulme receives second emergency bleed control kit in bid to tackle knife and gun crime

A new emergency bleed control box has been installed in Hulme as part of an ongoing campaign to tackle weapon crime across Greater Manchester.

16th January 2023 | By Kate Gaetto

Greater Manchester Police strengthen relations with Manchester Youth Groups to tackle knife crime

From 2020-2021, nearly 60,000 children were arrested for violent crimes across the UK. Moreover, crime rates overall were highest in the North West during 2021-2022....


8th March 2022 | By Joseph O'Shea

‘Had this kit had been available he might still been here today’: Manchester’s first bleed safety cabinet installed in memory of schoolboy Rhamero West

Manchester’s first life-saving ‘bleed safety’ cabinet has been installed in memory of schoolboy Rhamero West who died in a knife attack. The cabinet will help...


16th February 2022 | By Olivia Weeks

Yousef Makki’s family await court ruling on judicial review following ‘devastating’ inquest

The family of Yousef Makki are awaiting a court ruling for a judicial review into the verdict of Yousef’s killing. During a seven-day inquest last...


9th February 2022 | By David Smith

Police respond to deadly three weeks of knife crime by increasing stop and search powers

Greater Manchester Police have increased their stop and search powers after three fatal stabbings in three weeks.   Over the weekend police stopped and searched...


9th February 2022 | By George Walden

Teenage boy charged in connection with murder of 20-year-old Dylan Keenan

A 17-year-old boy has been charged with the murder of Dylan Keenan. The teenage boy has been charged with murder and threatening a person with...


4th November 2021 | By Toni Clarke

Film project in Salford commissioned to help raise awareness of knife crime

A Salford housing association is investing £12,000 to produce a short film documenting the impact of knife crime on young people. The project is expected to...

Greater Manchester Police - Photo by ilovetheeu

15th November 2020 | By Bailey Taylor

Greater Manchester Police supporting national operation to tackle knife crime

Greater Manchester Police are taking part in an operation to reduce knife crime in the city. Operation Sceptre is a week-long programme which aims to educate parents...

Youseff Makki Vigil

4th November 2019 | By Pruthvi Khilosia

Staying safe after dark in Manchester

Today we are launching a campaign to spread awareness on staying safe after dark In manchester. Safety After Dark in Manchester is a campaign to...

Candlelit vigil

21st October 2019 | By Aiysha Younas

Mother of Yousef Makki speaks out about devastating effects of knife crime in emotional address

Debbie Makki, mother of student Yousef Makki who was stabbed to death earlier this year, gave an emotional address at a summit organised to raise...

Statement by Greater Manchester Police on their investigation into the Arndale stabbings

11th October 2019 | By Pete Murray

Arndale attacks – Manchester Met University journalism student on the scene

A man in his 40’s has been arrested outside the Arndale Centre in Manchester city centre on suspicion of serious assault, after four people were...


18th April 2019 | By Matt Hartless

Deputy Mayor says funding to prevent knife crime is ‘barely a sticking plaster’

The Deputy Mayor of Greater Manchester has criticised the Home Secretary for breaking promises and abandoning communities as emergency knife crime funding is confirmed.  Greater...


6th March 2019 | By Matt Hartless

Greater Manchester Police to use stop and search to combat knife crime

Greater Manchester Police have released a statement on how they will tackle knife crime in the city. This comes as news breaks that two teenagers...