Outside of Alexandria Library

22nd May 2023 | By Zara Gallimore

Celebration in culture and literature at the bookshop on the Curry Mile

A bookshop on the curry mile, Alexandria Library, that is entirely charity-run with funding from various churches and ran by volunteers.

A photo of the start of the Curry Mile.

19th May 2023 | By Zara Gallimore

Illegal shisha café on Curry Mile has £174k confiscated after breaching planning law

A café on the curry mile has been found to be operating as an illegal Shisha bar and forced to hand over £174,000.

A photograph of cars parked along with curry mile with a cyclist using the cycle lane.

19th May 2023 | By Zara Gallimore

Bus diversions on the Curry Mile to be made permanent

Bus diversions in Rusholme to be made permanent from July 23rd.

25th November 2022 | By Joe Hylton

Confronting climate change along Manchester’s famous Curry Mile

A vibrant, multicultural and diverse street in the heart of confronting Climate Change. Manchester’s famous Curry Mile runs through the centre of Rusholme and is...


24th October 2018 | By [email protected]

Rusholme’s curry mile and its colourful characters brought to life in series of sketches

An award-wining photographer has turned his talents to sketching to document Rusholme’s vibrant community. Len Grant has spent the last year sat on a sketching stool...

Shops closed down

14th November 2022 | By Thomas Markham

Manchester’s ‘counterfeit mile’ set to be bulldozed after latest GMP crackdown

Manchester’s ‘counterfeit mile’ is set to be revamped as Greater Manchester Police continue a crackdown on illegal activity. Manchester is famous for its ‘curry mile’,...


4th November 2019 | By Marcus Chan

New sketch book brings to life redevelopment of city centre quarter

A Manchester sketcher and writer has created a sketchbook named Mayfield Stories which brings the redevelopment of a historic part of the city to life....


6th May 2019 | By Hanya Hassan

Places to visit during Ramadan

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar were Muslims fast from dawn till dusk, not only abstaining from food but from other discouraged...


9th March 2018 | By nq_admin

Handlooms: the story behind the show that challenges every expectation

I would often gaze through the sari shop windows that line Wilmslow Road on my way to 10am lectures. On a grey Manchester morning, the...


2nd March 2018 | By Danielle Kenneally

One hour smoking shisha is equivalent to 100 cigarettes, warns government health officials

Studies show that one hour of smoking shisha – or hookah as it is more commonly known – can be as damaging to your health...


13th December 2017 | By nq_admin

Contact Theatre and Rasa co -production ‘Handlooms’ is set to be shown in a sari shop on Wilmslow Road

The Contact Theatre and Rasa co-production, Handlooms, is going to be set in Alankar House of Sarees on Wilmslow Road this March, as part of...


17th November 2017 | By nq_admin

Contact Theatre closes its doors for 2018

The Contact theatre will close the doors of its iconic Oxford Road building at the end of December 2017 ahead of a major £6.75million capital...