Places to visit during Ramadan

Every year Muslims around the world gather to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan.


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar were Muslims fast from dawn till dusk, not only abstaining from food but from other discouraged behaviours, such as anger.  This month is usually loaded with joyful spirit and vibrant unique celebrations in every country, although Ramadan reunites Muslims around the world, by adopting similar routines and religious practices.

With Ramadan this year falling into the beginning of the exams, many international students will be spending it on their own so here are three places that will make you feel like home.

1- Open Iftar UK Tour

The largest Open Iftar UK Tour are coming to Manchester this year, aiming to spread the community spirit across the UK. Make sure to drop by any day from the 13th of May to the 17th of May to continue the epic journey of bringing communities together through the spirit of Ramadan!

2- Curry Mile

Curry Mile Manchester
Manchester’s famous Curry Mile. Photo Credit: Dai O’Nysius on Wikimedia Commons

The Curry mile, located in Rusholme, is the perfect place to feel the Ramadan spirit. Restaurants in Rusholme host open buffets during both iftar and suhuur with reasonable prices for students and the cafes are usually open until sunrise just like in many Muslim countries.

3- Mosques

Ramadan is also marked by a special nightly prayer called ‘taraweeh’. Mosques around Manchester pray taraweeh at around 10:31 pm. Although taraweeh prayer is voluntary, it became a tradition that is widely practiced in mosques and streets in all the Muslim countries.

Ramadan can be a very hectic and tiring month especially with exams but that doesn’t mean Muslims don’t impatiently wait for it every single year!