12th November 2021 | By Isabella Coombes

‘Girls just wanna walk home:’ Manchester councillor vows to make Fallowfield safer as students take to the streets and boycott nightclubs

Hundreds of people gathered at St Peters Square in Mancheste, as part of a national boycotting of nightclubs. The emergency Girls Night In protest was...


4th November 2021 | By Alimat Akanni

Women forced to resort to self-defence for survival to protect themselves from assault

A self-defence workshop teaching women on what to do in vulnerable situations took place at Harpurhey neighbourhood centre The event was mainly for women and non-binary people...


12th March 2021 | By Victoria Thiele

Reclaim These Streets urge Manchester residents to light a candle for Sarah Everard in vigil

Mancunians are invited to light candles on their doorsteps in a vigil for alleged murder victim Sarah Everard at 6pm today (Saturday, 13 March). The event...


12th October 2020 | By Rory Gannon

Belarusians march in Manchester against election of president in ‘rigged’ vote

Belarusians from across the north west of England assembled in Manchester on Sunday to protest against their controversially-elected president. Demonstrators have been gathering in St Anne’s Square...

Eccles election

6th May 2019 | By Isaac Jordan

Gender equality improves in Salford local election

Voters have increased the number of female Councillors across the wards of Salford in the recent local election.  This comes as good news for gender equality as government data for...


13th December 2018 | By nq_admin

#ItsNotNice Campaign launched to raise awareness towards street harassment

Street harassment in an ongoing issue that most women have encountered at least once in their lives, if not more. It is such a huge...


8th November 2018 | By nq_admin

#EqualPayForEqualPlay campaign launched to raise awareness on the significant gender pay gap in football.

Women working for the Football Association earnt 23.3 percent less on average last year than men, according to new figures published by the governing body.  ...


28th April 2017 | By Thomas Walton

Girls involved with gangs helped in new MMU project

A £300,000 project has been launched to steer young girls away from getting involved in street gangs. The aim is to offer them alternative activities such...