4th November 2020 | By Victoria Thiele

“I have gotten yelled at” – Challenges US journalists face reporting on the election

While results of the election slowly drip in, journalists covering the election night are facing different challenges.  Joe Higgins, former editor of the Athens Messenger,...

Temple University

4th November 2020 | By Joanna Devany

Pennsylvania students fear unrest on election day

Students at Temple University in Philadelphia fear further unrest in the battleground state of Pennsylvania as polls close on election day. Abi Vangraafieland, a sociology...


3rd November 2020 | By Jack Dulhanty

How the US election result could affect the UK

From our side of the Atlantic, it’s easy to see the Presidential election as little more than a chain of Twitter trends. But behind the...

Explosion in Syria border town near Turkey - by Jordi Bernabeu Farrús

18th October 2019 | By Isaac Jordan

Protestors demand an end to Turkish attacks in northern Syria

Hundreds of protestors in Manchester have called for an end to killings and military action against Kurdish forces and communities in northern Syria. Turkey began its military action last week...


27th June 2019 | By [email protected]

‘1984 is not a user manual’ says Google whistleblower

Project Veritas, a Conservative investigative site founded by political activist James O’Keefe, has published a widely circulated video showing Google’s head of responsible innovation discussing...

Presidential Election banner

7th November 2016 | By nq_admin

A Mancunian-American perspective on the American Presidential election

When the political candidates for the 2016 election first announced their campaigns, it was never anticipated that the United States would wind down to two...