Explosion in Syria border town near Turkey - by Jordi Bernabeu Farrús

Protestors demand an end to Turkish attacks in northern Syria

  • Hundreds of protestors marched around Manchester city centre
  • They demand an end to violence against Kurdish communites in northern Syria
  • Emotions ran high as protesters burnt photos of Turkish leader

Hundreds of protestors in Manchester have called for an end to killings and military action against Kurdish forces and communities in northern Syria.

Turkey began its military action last week and have since faced allegations of war crimes by Amnesty International. 

 A ceasefire has been brokered but are concerns this deal may already be beginning to break down


The protest in St Peter’s Square was made up of members of Manchester’s Kurdish community and groups in solidarity such as the Stop the War Coalition

Protesters were enraged by the actions of Turkish leader, President Erdoğan, with some setting portraits of him on fire in the street.

Protesters setting fire to picture of Erdoğan
Protesters setting fire to picture of Turkish leader President Erdoğan

Haythan, who chose to only give his first name, said: “We are here to protest against Erdoğan’s illigal invasion of Northern Syria.

“He has begun his long life dream of ethnically cleansing the kurds. We are here to raise awareness of the Kurds and gather support from the government.”

Protestor in support of Kurds
Haythan, a protestor in support of Kurds

Turkey has said the conflict is aimed at creating a buffer zone between the country and Kurdish rebel groups which it has designated terrorist organisations.

These groups had until recently been fighting alongside the United States to defeat ISIL or the so-called ‘Islamic State’.

US President Trump also faced heavy critisim by the protesters despite him placing sanctions on Turkey.

He ordered the withdrawal of US troops from the region which many commentators have said gave Turkey the green light for agression.

This view was echoed at the protest by Senchak Ron, president of the Stop the War Coalition in Manchetser.

Senchak Ron, President of the Stop the War Coalition Manchester
Senchak Ron, President of the Stop the War Coalition Manchester

He said: “Donald Trump has made the decision that he would rather be allies with Turkey than his former allies the Kurds and has therefore unleased this conflict which is taken place.”

There are concerns the conflict will further distablise a region fraught with war and suffering. 

petition to the government calling for UK intervention has gained over over 37,000 signatures at the time of writing.