30th October 2020 | By Victoria Thiele

BBC news coverage targeted in ‘media war’ between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Armenian and Azerbaijani expats in Manchester are fighting a ‘media war’ over the recent violent clashes between their home countries. Local members of the Armenian...


23rd October 2019 | By karthiknair

Syrian doctor who escaped Assad regime sets up charity in UK to help orphans

Dr Najib Edal was operating on a patient in Syria in 2012 when a nurse warned him that soldiers of the Assad regime had entered his home...


19th October 2019 | By D.Kirk

Activists call upon people in Manchester to show support for Kurds under siege from Turkey

A large group of Kurdish activists demonstrated against the ongoing violence in Syria, condemning the Turkish government over its decision to invade Rojava. Meeting at...

Explosion in Syria border town near Turkey - by Jordi Bernabeu Farrús

18th October 2019 | By Isaac Jordan

Protestors demand an end to Turkish attacks in northern Syria

Hundreds of protestors in Manchester have called for an end to killings and military action against Kurdish forces and communities in northern Syria. Turkey began its military action last week...