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18th November 2022 | By Beth Ibbotson

Just Stop Oil protestors urge Manchester residents to take up the fight against fossil fuel and join in direct action

Manchester residents are being urged to join the non-violent protests of Just Stop Oil as the protest group steps up its activism around the country....


6th October 2021 | By A.White

Manchester’s left protests against arrival of Conservative Party conference in ‘red bloc’

The socialist organisation Manchester Momentum staged a ‘red bloc’ protest along Oxford Road to mark the arrival of the Conservative party in Manchester. The Tory...


28th May 2021 | By George Crafer

Plans to develop Hough End playing fields put on hold after outcry from campaigners

Manchester City Council has announced that it will effectively pause plans to redevelop Hough End Fields into a major sporting complex. The deadline for  public consultation,...

Platt field palastine protest

16th May 2021 | By George Crafer

Crowds gather in Platt Fields park in solidarity with Palestine to protest against killings and evictions in West Bank

Hundreds gathered yesterday in Platt Fields park in Rusholme in solidarity with Palestinians and to commemorate the Nakba—the anniversary of the exodus of Palestinians after the...


12th October 2020 | By Rory Gannon

Belarusians march in Manchester against election of president in ‘rigged’ vote

Belarusians from across the north west of England assembled in Manchester on Sunday to protest against their controversially-elected president. Demonstrators have been gathering in St Anne’s Square...


18th December 2019 | By Marcus Chan

Hong Kongers protest in Manchester in support of activists taking stance against China

A group of people from Hong Kong staged a protest in Manchester to show their support for people in their home country. Hong Kong has...


19th October 2019 | By [email protected]

Activists call upon people in Manchester to show support for Kurds under siege from Turkey

A large group of Kurdish activists demonstrated against the ongoing violence in Syria, condemning the Turkish government over its decision to invade Rojava. Meeting at...


18th October 2019 | By dave porter

Manchester college students witness protests on streets of Barcelona over jailing of Catalan independence politicians

  Sixth form students from Manchester have been caught up in mass protests in Barcelona over the jailing of separatist politicians. Thousands of people in...


25th November 2018 | By Megan Luke

Irish women around the world are protesting after comments made by barrister in rape trial

Women from Ireland have began protesting with the hashtag #ThisIsNotConsent after a barrister in a recent rape trail claimed the victim was asking for sex...


27th February 2017 | By nq_admin

VIDEO: MMU students help Reclaim The Night

Last Thursday, 23 February, over 2,500 women and men of all ages and races marched through Manchester to "Reclaim The Night." The annual march was filled...