Hong Kongers protest in Manchester in support of activists taking stance against China

  • Protest took place around the city centre
  • Manchester Supports Hong Kong hosted the events
  • Protests in Hong Kong has been ongoing since June 

A group of people from Hong Kong staged a protest in Manchester to show their support for people in their home country.

Hong Kong has been hit with political unrest since June and tension between protesters and the government is still at a high. Although nearly 6,000 miles away,  that has not stopped a group of Hong Kongers showing their support for the protesters. 

Manchester Supports Hong Kong is a group which supports the pursuit of democracy in Hong Kong. They have hosted various types of demonstrations such as rallies, marches, street stalls and prayer meetings in order to spread their message to the UK.

The want to show that even though they are not in Hong Kong, they are supporting people who are fighting for their future. 

NQ spoke to members of Manchester Supports Hong Kong.

One, who did not want to be named, said “We come from all walks of life and range widely in age and profession, united in our love for our home. As a leaderless group, we came together against the political turmoil in Hong Kong since June.”

The group hosted a Stand With Hong Kong march in All Saints Park last month, where they chanted their slogan ‘Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of our times’ while handing out flyers to the public. The aim was to show that they are behind their friends and family in Hong Kong. 

Another member of the group added: “We would like to call on our local community to stand with Hong Kongers in our fight for freedom by handing out flyers for the Hong Kong protests so that they could be first aware of the struggles and situation faced by our friends and family in Hong Kong.”

Apart from Manchester, other UK cities such as London, Birmingham, Leeds also have a similar group that are showing their support for Hong Kong. They hope that their protests in the UK may trigger the UK government to help the people of Hong Kong. 

One Manchester member added: “We hope that there will be a good ending for us but it seems like there is no end in sight to Hong Kong’s democratic movement, with Hong Kong’s leadership and Beijing not budging on our five core demands, we may have reached a stalemate.”