VIDEO: MMU students help Reclaim The Night

  • Thousands of students and Mancunians marched on Manchester to "Reclaim The Night" last Thursday
  • The event hoped to raise awareness about sexual violence against women on Manchester's streets, especially during the darkness of the night
  • The NQ sent Meliza Sestito to investigate (full video report below): 

Last Thursday, 23 February, over 2,500 women and men of all ages and races marched through Manchester to "Reclaim The Night."

The annual march was filled with light, colour and lots of noise. With creative banners and signs in hand, those who took part amplified their collective voices to say 'NO' to sexual violence against women, street harassment, rape culture and victim blaming.

The march began in the student area of Manchester, Fallowfield, leading all the way up Oxford Road, finishing outside the University of Manchester. The route for the march was fitting, as Fallowfield is one of the most dangerous areas in Manchester for sexual assault.  

Whilst I marched alongside these participants, I felt extremely empowered; the laughter and joyful spirit of those surrounding me was amazing.

After speaking to protestors, it became clear that there was a movement of solidarity building, between both genders, with one clear aim: to Reclaim The Night.

For those who have suffered from a sexual assault, the following organisations can offer help and advice:

Manchester organisations:
Survivors Manchester – http://www.survivorsmanchester.org.uk/
St Mary’s Centre – http://www.stmaryscentre.org/

U.K based organisations:
Rape Crisis – http://rapecrisis.org.uk/
Survivors UK – https://www.survivorsuk.org/