Man inhaling a vape

16th April 2024 | By Makenna Ali

PM Rishi Sunak faces backlash amidst plan to create a ‘smokefree generation’

Rishi Sunak’s bill to ban smoking of tobacco and vapes long term faces backlash and opposition from Manchester's young people

Man vaping outside of University

29th January 2020 | By Kelsey Butler

Manchester prefers cigarettes over vaping because of health fears

Students are choosing to smoke cigarettes over vaping due to concerns about the unknown, long-term effects of vaping.  Kash Govin, owner of a convenience store...


13th November 2018 | By Farhad Hussain

Campaign aims to persuade people to stop smoking and start vaping

Stop Smoking Start Vaping is a campaign designed for people to put an end to using cigarettes and start using electronic cigarettes, better known as vaping....