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Stop Smoking Start Vaping is a campaign designed for people to put an end to using cigarettes and start using electronic cigarettes, better known as vaping.

Cigarettes are the largest cause of cancer in the UK, with three in 20 getting cancer due to active and passive smoking.

In 2015 tobacco smoking caused an estimated 115,000 deaths in the UK, which equates to 19% of all deaths in the UK. The NHS says that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco, a prime ingredient used in cigarettes.

Ex-smokers who make the switch and have been vaping for three years or more are 96% less likely to report health problems than people who still smoke cigarettes.

And more than 60% of vapers who previously had health conditions say their conditions have got better since they made the switch. Along with the health benefits, there are also many other positives attached such as no bad after smell attached to your body, clothes, hands and nails.

Stop Smoking and Start Vaping wants to change people’s lives for the better. The Manchester-based campaign wants to share with the people the positives of vaping and hopes it can be prescribed by the NHS so that together we can put a stop to cigarette/tobacco smoking and hope for a healthier and safer lifestyle.

To help us achieve one of our targets to get the NHS to start prescribing electronic cigarettes, sign our petition.

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