Silhouette of tree under the moon

26th June 2023 | By Grace Elmes

Leaving lights switched on throughout the night

“Every morning I sweep up buckets of dead insects from outside my laboratory.” Colin Henshaw shares his morning routine, due to the neighborhood school leaving...


10th December 2019 | By karthiknair

Pollution of rivers in Manchester is a common problem, says Environment Agency

The pollution of rivers in Manchester is an annual occurrence, according to the Mersey Rivers Trust. Mike Duddy, senior project manager at Mersey Rivers Trust...

Slow down fast fashion

11th December 2018 | By Hannah Lemoine

Raising awareness of the harmful effects of the fast fashion industry on the environment #slowdownfastfashion

A campaign to #SlowDownFastFashion This is a campaign to raise awareness of the environmental impacts of fast fashion. Fast fashion is defined as ‘inexpensive clothing produced...


26th October 2018 | By Sam Peckett

Oxford Road pollution ‘cuts six months off a person’s life’, report claims

Manchester is undergoing a ‘pollution crisis’ with illegal nitrogen dioxide levels causing up to 1,781 premature deaths per year, figures reveal. A report carried out by the...

Dead Swan

24th October 2018 | By Daniel Davies

EXCLUSIVE: Disturbing pictures of dead swans floating among debris in Salford Quays

Shocking pictures have emerged of dead swans floating among piles of rubbish in the water at Salford Quays. The disturbing images clearly show swans surrounded by debris...


29th June 2018 | By nq_admin

Volunteers forced to take control of litter problem despite council’s £14.5m pledge

Nearly 3,000 litter louts are caught in Manchester yearly despite the city council’s recent £14.5m crackdown on anti-social behaviour. On-the-spot fines of £80 are handed...