22nd July 2020 | By Katy Rushton

Cheadle MP votes against motion to provide weekly testing for NHS staff

More than 300 Conservative MPs voted against a motion which would have meant weekly testing for NHS and care staff during the Covid-19 pandemic. The motion...


20th June 2020 | By Isaac Piper

Covid-19 key workers honoured with City of Trees portrait installation in city centre

Thirty-three key workers from across Greater Manchester have been honoured after their portraits were projected onto trees in Manchester city centre.  It was part of a...


2nd June 2020 | By Naomi Patra

What’s it like being a student doctor in the middle of a global pandemic?

NQ interviewed a student doctor on what it is like studying and working during a pandemic. Italia Leech, 19,  from Oldham is currently a first-year...


12th April 2020 | By Zainab Tariq

Manchester businesses are delivering meals to feed people during coronavirus lockdown

Many Manchester organisations, including The Bread and Butter Thing, Fare share, Trussell Trust and Open Kitchen, are working together to gather donations and distributing support packages to...

Thank you NHS

1st April 2020 | By Aiysha Younas

Clap for Carers: Britain celebrates NHS workers with a round of applause during coronavirus crisis

Millions of Britons stood to applaud NHS workers for their service during the COVID-19 outbreak. People stood and clapped out on their doorsteps, balconies and...


12th February 2020 | By Imogen Campion

Sixth annual NHS Unsung Hero Awards being held to recognise backroom healthcare staff

The sixth annual Unsung Hero Awards are being held at the Hilton Hotel this month to commemorate the work done by NHS non-medical and non-clinical...


19th February 2019 | By nq_admin

Like thousands of women Megan English suffers from the horrific symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

“I’ve been to the hospital five times over the past two years with immense abdominal pain that spreads to my lower back and has made...

Withington Community Hospital

20th January 2019 | By Sam Peckett

Manchester healthcare partnership ‘preparing’ Brexit plan, spokesperson says

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester’s healthcare partnership has stated the region is prepared for ‘any and all possible events’ that may impact services as a...


18th January 2019 | By Elizabeth Harrison

EU complete me: The top reasons why Remainers don’t want to leave the European Union

It’s been a tense week following the rejection from Parliament of Theresa May’s plan to leave the EU after two years of negotiations. The BBC...

Sarah Marston

10th December 2018 | By Rebecca Longbottom

Sarah’s story #EyeAmAware

Left with unanswered questions after her children visited the local opticians, Sarah Marston, 48, a checkout operator from Leeds was left feeling saddened after she...