Campaign launched to bring power back to Mancunians

  • The NQ today officially launched its campaign #DEVOMCR (Healthcare Spending Decided By The People)
  • Led by NQ reporter Jack Park, the campaign aims to give Mancunians in a newly revolutionised Manchester and government money 

In 2014, a number of agreements were developed between the councils of Manchester and the government (HM Treasury and The Rt Hon George Osborne MP) and these agreements will result in devolving new powers and responsibilities to Greater Manchester, and adopting a directly elected mayor.

Another bonus of this is that Manchester will receive £6n control of the NHS budget to go towards extra healthcare and more, but, only the council and governing bodies will decide where this money will go.

Do you think this is right? We don’t. We think that the general everyday people of Manchester should have a say in where this money is spent; it’s us who it’s going to affect and there are areas of healthcare that have been severely neglected by the government.

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