MMU student launches Campaign focusing on the contraceptive pill

  • NQ officially launched its #controlyourcontraception campaign today
  • Led by NQ reporter Ellie Danson, the campaign hopes to raise awareness of the possible side-effects of the contraceptive pill 

Millions of women around the world take the contraceptive pill every day without a second thought. But in the past year alone it has taken the lives of five young women in the UK who were unaware of their symptoms.

A recent study from the University of Copenhagen found that women who take the contraceptive pill were more likely to suffer from depression. This has raised a lot of debate amongst women and professionals alike.

A survey carried out by ourselves showed that the majority or women who take or have taken the pill have experienced at least one side effect which can include blood clots, low mood, nausea and weight gain. There are currently 15 different contraceptive methods available in the UK but due to cuts many GP’s are under pressure to not offer them.

Through this campaign, we aim to educate you on the importance of finding the right contraception for you. Even if you feel that, at the moment you are happy with the contraceptive you are taking, there is no harm is learning more, being in tune with your body and being aware of when things don’t quite feel right.

We want to ensure you are taking positive steps that will be the most effective in suiting your own individual lifestyle. We are all different, and just because something works for your friend, it doesn’t mean it will work for you. As women, our health matters and it needs to be at the top of our priority list.

Please follow our campaign on twitter @abittpi11 and tell us your experience. Use the hashtag #controlyourcontraception

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