11th December 2018 | By Matt Hartless

Film Advent Calendar: The Guard heightens the crime genre by setting it in apathetic rural Ireland

If you want a crime thriller FBI movie without any of the macho posturing endemic to the genre, and with plenty of hilarity and strangely touching scenes, the Guard is a film you need to watch this Christmas.


10th December 2018 | By Matt Hartless

Film Advent Calendar: Stalker ponders the mundanity of our existence despite the magic in its world

Magical Realism is a little known genre in which the film has magical elements but these are treated as mundane and normal in the environment....

John Hurt in Alien

9th December 2018 | By Matt Hartless

Film Advent Calendar: Alien is the perfect example of how to create suspense in horror

When I was a child, pretty much all films scared me and I certainly could not deal with horror. Now, as an adult, I’m a...

Bar scene in Inglourious Basterds

8th December 2018 | By Matt Hartless

Film Advent Calendar: Inglourious Basterds takes history and puts it through a blender to create its own universe

Yesterday I wrote about the harrowing and mostly true account, Schindler’s List. Today I’m writing about a film set in the same period that does...


6th December 2018 | By Matt Hartless

Film Advent Calendar: The disobedient fantasy world of Pan’s Labyrinth is exquisitely described through its imagery

I don’t need to hesitate when somebody asks me what my favourite film of all time is. There is no shadow of a doubt that...


5th December 2018 | By Matt Hartless

Film Advent Calendar: Waltz With Bashir uses amnesia to drive its plot in a dramatisation of PTSD

The drama genre is defined as being more realistic than other genres and what could be more realistic than a depiction of somebody remembering true...


4th December 2018 | By Matt Hartless

Film Advent Calendar: In Bruges blends humanity and dark comedy seamlessly

If you want to watch a Christmas movie with a healthy dose of cynicism and dark comedy, then In Bruges is for you. Martin McDonagh’s...


3rd December 2018 | By Matt Hartless

Film Advent Calendar: A Town Called Panic is the ideal compromise between family film and madcap adventure

As the Christmas holidays peak over the horizon, TV schedules are filled with family films to entertain the kids during their school breaks. But while...

Revolori and Ronan in Grand Budapest Hotel. Credit: 20th Century Fox

1st December 2018 | By Matt Hartless

Film Advent Calendar: The absurdist whimsy of the Grand Budapest Hotel

Wikipedia defines the absurdist genre as focusing on the experiences of characters in situations where they cannot find any inherent purpose in life. The related whimsical genre is...


4th November 2018 | By Alexander Candlin

Manchester Christmas lights switch on 2018 brings out the stars

Christmas 2018 was triggered with the push of a button at Manchester’s Albert Square as music filled the streets and fireworks lit up the sky....


14th December 2017 | By nq_admin

Review: Winter Wonderland at Event City

Footballers and TV stars braved the cold and enjoyed the indoor Christmas theme park as Winter Wonderland officially launched in Manchester on Monday. Doors have...


12th December 2017 | By nq_admin

Revealed: shocking reasons people give up their dog

Dogs Trust Manchester is bracing itself for the post-Christmas influx of unwanted dogs and is urging the public to remember the charity’s iconic slogan ‘A dog...


12th December 2017 | By nq_admin

Manchester officially the best Christmas Market in the UK – and one of the best in Europe

A Christmas miracle of giant Santa proportions has come true as Manchester takes a coveted spot in the top 15 festive markets across the continent. ...

Christmas Light Switch On

4th November 2017 | By Georgia Landi

LIVE: Manchester Christmas lights switch on 2017

Live Blog Christmas Lights switch-on Manchester 2017  


13th December 2016 | By nq_admin

FC United to opens its doors to the homeless on Christmas Day

This Christmas Day, FC United will be opening its doors to the most vulnerable members of society in a fantastic show of Christmas spirit. The club is...


5th December 2016 | By nq_admin

Manchester’s Christmas tree has arrived

Manchester’s Christmas tree has finally arrived! The 40ft giant tree, which was grown sustainably, has landed in its new location at the Festive Cathedral Gardens. ...

GMP logo

1st December 2016 | By nq_admin

GMP crackdown on festive drink and drug driving

The campaign’s launch took place at the Trafford Centre, where officers highlighted the launch to inform the public about the dangers associated with driving under the...


30th November 2016 | By nq_admin

Victoria Baths to host special screening of Christmas films

Sheffield-based The Village Screen is hosting two pop-up cinema events at the stunning, Grade II listed, Manchester Victoria Baths next weekend, on Friday and Saturday December...


25th November 2016 | By helen heath

Manchester Christmas Markets Continue to Expand

Since 1999, thousands of people have been flocking to the city of Manchester in search of everything the Christmas markets have to offer. You can...


11th November 2016 | By nq_admin

Watch: Interviews with the celebrities from Grand Opening of Manchester’s Christmas Markets

Christmas is just around the corner! The Christmas markets opened today, for its 19th year, we spoke to one of the big celebrities of Manchester:...