Watch: Interviews with the celebrities from Grand Opening of Manchester’s Christmas Markets

  • Manchester's world-famous Christmas Markets opened yesterday
  • The NQ was there to interview the celebrities who were there for the grand opening, including Loose Women and Coronation Street star Sherrie Hewson and local legend Pat "Mr Christmas" Karney 

Christmas is just around the corner!

The Christmas markets opened today, for its 19th year, we spoke to one of the big celebrities of Manchester: Sherrie Hewson, Anja Manke the organiser of this event who comes every single year to bring joy to people in Manchester, and Councillor Christmas spokesman Pat "Mr Christmas" Karney.

Sherrie Hewson, Pat Karney and Anja the first stall holder
Sherrie Hewson, Anja Manke and Pat Karney

This event brings together thousands of people every year to see the beautiful arrangements. Everybody loves Christmas, and for this the Council prepares everything to be perfect for the Mancunian people.

The Councillor Pat Karney said "It’s a massive boost to the Christmas economy. The Markets pulls in tens and tens of thousands of people every year.

"We start organising the next Christmas Markets as soon as they finish. The traders sign-up as soon as the Markets finish. They all have such a fantastic time, and love coming to Manchester! They love the public in Manchester… we actually had very very few vacancies this year."

Watch the full interivew with Pat below: 

The Christmas Markets bring joy to Manchester. For the first time, Sherrie Hewson was on hand to open the Markets, saying she was amazed by the beautiful arrangements.

"I cannot belive they built a village right in the middle of Saint Ann’s Square! I am wondering if it’s a natural hotel.

"I think Manchester's Markets are the best in the UK, and should win an award! The quality of the stalls, the food, the gifts… it’s phenomenal.

Sherrie Hewson with NQ reporter Crina
Sherrie Hewson with NQ reporter Crina 

"Christmas day is very special to me. To be with my family all Christmas day, to see their faces, the endless opening of presents and endless throwing away of wrapping paper! But then they come here, to Manchester, to see me in pantomime!"

Watch the full interview with Sherrie below:

It’s not all about the Christmas lights and the arrangements. The organisers and staff, who travel here every year, mentioned how the Markets spread happiness all around the city. Some of the stall workers travel from all across Europe, including Germany and Poland just for the festive season.

We spoke with Michal, a stall worker from Poland, who is here for his 9th season.

"We come here to bring special things from Germany, which we like to share with the people of Manchester. We like to share part of the German culture." 

Manchester's traditionally gloomy weather is not so much an impediment for the visitors, however. Manchester Council's Christmas spokesman, Pat Karney, said: "If you live in Manchester you have to make your own sunshine so you get up every day no matter what the weather is. Rain, snow, anything… we all like to get together and enjoy the markets."

Crina drinking mulled wine
NQ reporter Crina Ionela enjoying some mulled wine!

"It doesn't really affect anybody, the only thing that might stop people is 10 feet of snow, and that's highly unlikely! It's what Christmas is! We only get 4 weeks in the year and people just love that time,” Sherrie Hewson said.