FC United to opens its doors to the homeless on Christmas Day

  • Local football club, FC United, are bringing the true spirit of Christmas to Manchester
  • The NQ caught up with Andy Cheshire, to find out more about their Christmas Day initiative 
  • The NQ will be one of only two media outlets present, with our editor, Miles Casey, going down to FC on the day

This Christmas Day, FC United will be opening its doors to the most vulnerable members of society in a fantastic show of Christmas spirit.

The club is set to open its doors to those who find themselves without a home or family on Christmas Day, providing the homeless with a variety of Christmas activities, hot showers and a bounty of Christmas food.


FC's Community and Education Manager, Andy Chesire, told us how humbling the response has been since the club announced its plans: "The response has just been so uplifting. It's been humbling, it's an issue that's very close-to-heart. Everyone wants to give back at Christmas, and this is the catalyst for that.

"We've received great donations; toiletry packs from Loreal, Midland Hotel has provided 20 towels, and others have donated food; Grandad's Sausages have donated 150 sausages! We're just waiting on the bacon now."

The day was inspired from the club's 11 year annual Christmas Eve initiative: "We've been opening our facilities to the homeless on Christmas Eve for the past 11 years. Last year there were crazy queues for the facilities, so we thought 'We have the facilities, why not open them up on Christmas Day?'" 

Not only will the club be offering the homeless use of their hot showers, but two local hairdressers are donating their time to cut hair, three nurses are going to be on-hand to provide medical check-ups, and there will even be dentists and dental assistants performing check-ups as well.  

FC United have teamed up with the Rough Sleepers Initiative, for the event.

There will be organised shuttle buses, funded by one of FC's own, to pick up homeless from the City centre from various drop-off points.

Andy was quick to mention just how important the club's local support had been in organising the day: "One vital point it that without the response from membership and locals, there’s no way we would be able to do this. It shows that our membership has a social conscience and is active in the local community.

"The response has been so large that we're asking prospective volunteers to call the club directly to check if there will be room for them!" 

The day will include a host of activities, such as table tennis,  Xbox One & PS4 gaming time, pool, among others. 

The NQ will be there to report on the day and lend a hand to the club, who are doing something truly fantastic, which genuinely represents everything that Christmas stands for.