Chorlton Park

17th May 2023 | By Joe Hylton

Chorlton hosts Arts Festival for its 21st anniversary hosting the event since 2001

Chorlton will hosts its 21st annerversy of the Cholrton Arts festival, where local artists and volunteers share their talents. This event will take place on the 19th May and will end on the 28Th May

9th May 2023 | By Joe Hylton

Accessibility is a real struggle for wheelchair users says disabled Chorlton woman

Katy Daly talks about her struggles as a Wheelchair user and a lack of accessibility in the Chorlton area facing day to day problems when out and about

23rd February 2023 | By Joe Hylton

Andrew Simpson brings nostalgia to Chorlton with his large collection of historic photographs

Local historian Andrew Simpson has been collecting and publishing photographs of Chorlton in Manchester for many years. His books of images document the changing nature of this popular south Manchester suburb through the years.