5th June 2020 | By Chloe Speakman

Student homes in Fallowfield abandoned – along with their mess

Charities are currently not running a collection service for unwanted items, and many household many waste tips are still closed. With the closure of these services,...

Student Accommodation

26th December 2018 | By Megan Luke

Can we justify the real cost of cheap student accommodation?

Does living in cheap accommodation during our studies mean we have to give up basic living standards? Lack of care and attention from their landlord...


19th November 2018 | By E.Mcknight-Liddell

Campaign launched to raise awareness about the price of student accommodation

A student pays an average cost of just under £5,000 per year for their accommodation. This hard-hitting statistic from Times Higher Education shows that students have to...


29th October 2018 | By Sophia Khan

Asylum seekers moved from Manchester as far as Liverpool and Wigan into ‘unsuitable accommodation’

Female asylum seekers with children and long-term illnesses are being relocated with short notice as far away as Liverpool and placed in ‘unliveable’ conditions, it is claimed....