Campaign launched to raise awareness about the price of student accommodation

  • NQ launches its #CapTheCosts campaign today
  • Its aim is to limit the amount that students are charged for accommodation throughout their academic year
  • The campaign is being led by NQ reporter Emma Liddel


A student pays an average cost of just under £5,000 per year for their accommodation.

This hard-hitting statistic from Times Higher Education shows that students have to spend the majority of their maximum student loan on accommodation for the year.

This is worrying in itself as it means that they will usually have to juggle a job as well as their studies so they can afford accommodation and other necessities such as food!

An investigation by The Guardian newspaper discovered that a number of offshore companies in countries such as Jersey and Luxembourg own a large amount of privately-owned student halls. Because these companies are registered in such countries it means that they are able to avoid tax payments, yet they still charge student huge amounts of money to rent from them.

“One company only contributed £10,000 in income tax, despite collecting £2.2m in rental income in 2016,” The Guardian reported.

It appears that these companies are able to fully exploit students to make a larger profit.

This campaign was launched to raise awareness of the rip-off rents charged to students.

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