Student lands job at Manchester Confidential because of hugely popular food blog

  • Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) student is Manchester’s biggest food blogger

  • Links his degree knowledge with blogging which has led to job at Confidential 

  • Blog has 21,000 followers on Instagram

A Man Met student said to be Manchester’s biggest food blogger has landed a new role at long-standing website Manchester Confidential.

Zack Hipps, who regularly gets invited to dine at some of Manchester’s best restaurants, is now working for the regional what’s on site. 

Without the need of a CV, his Instagram page has showcased the relevant skills to work in video and photo content creation and social media editing. 

Zack is in the second year of a PR and marketing degree, which has helped him build a brand  and create a large following over the space of just one year. His Instagram name was made in a ‘marketing stunt’ which stated his aim to run for Prime Minister for 2040.

This stunt, along with always wearing the colour yellow symbolising the Manchester Bee, has allowed him to stand out from the crowd. 

He said: “The narrative for Prime Minister sticks in your head and shows that I’m not just another person.”

Zack works part-time in an ice cream parlour and it was this job that gave him the inspiration to explore food.

“When I tried turmeric and pineapple ice cream I thought, if this is nice then surely there’s other things that are nice too,” he said.

Asked whether he wants to become a full-time blogger, Zack expressed caution: “Because of my degree I’m learning about influencers and there seems to be a downward trend in making big bucks out of it.”

He believes students should blog because they enjoy it and should do it as a part-time addition to their degree.

He said: “If you post most of your assignments on a blog then you appear to be an expert in your field, with hiring businesses looking at your digital footprint.”

“From taking pictures on my phone I now have an expensive camera, two microphones, five lenses, editing software, headphones and a computer.”

While working towards his degree Zack works two jobs and takes drama lessons to enhance his ability to present on camera.