#RegisteredButCantVote, many new voters turned away at polling stations

  • Newly registered voters turned away at polling stations
  • Keele, Oxford, Nottingham and Newcastle-under-Lyme with the most instances 
  • Newcastle-under-Lyme Council stating that unfinished registrations could be reason 

A lot of newly registered voters were turned away from polling stations; having being told they aren’t registered, in this year’s snap election.

The hashtag, ‪#RegisteredButCantVote has garnered some traction on social media after a number of newly registered voters were turned away from polling stations, being told that they had not registered correctly, with many of them stating that they in fact had.


Northern Quota reported recently that more than 2 million voters had registered since Theresa May’s call for a snap election, with a majority of them being young students.

Many of the disgruntled new voters whom were students, were being told that their reference numbers and details did not go through a “government portal” or that they had did not have sufficient evidence to prove they live in their term time adresses.

Keele University, Oxford, Nottingham and Newcastle-Under-Lyme have all had instances, with Newcastle-Under-Lyme’s council tweeting that; “The Council has looked into issues raised as a result of problems being experienced by students at Keele University who have tried to vote.

“Our understanding is that people have not fully completed the registration process and therefore are not registered to vote.”

Information was released about how to vote with phone numbers for their local councils for an up to date voters list, with some even mentioning the posibility of calling the police, but for many it may have been a little too late.